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Can the Health Department pregnancy tests be wrong?

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2011-11-04 05:54:56
2011-11-04 05:54:56

Hello, I took a home test too and it came out positive, so I went to health department and their test came out netgative. So I went to see my family Dr. and I was 2 weeks pregnancy. What kind of ept test did you take? If you don't want to go to the doctor. I would take a first response test.I hope this helped. God bless Carrie

Hi, I too went to the health dept and had 2 tests taken, they didnt even wait a full 5 mins before telling me they were negative and by the time I got to my van they were both positive! I went back in and the dummies said the lines were to faint to be considered positive, but I took the tests to my dr and they said they were positive! So yes they can be wrong and this also happened with my last child who is now 6. Health dept's suck!


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