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Hello, I took a home test too and it came out positive, so I went to health department and their test came out netgative. So I went to see my family Dr. and I was 2 weeks pregnancy. What kind of ept test did you take? If you don't want to go to the doctor. I would take a first response test.I hope this helped. God bless Carrie

Hi, I too went to the health dept and had 2 tests taken, they didnt even wait a full 5 mins before telling me they were negative and by the time I got to my van they were both positive! I went back in and the dummies said the lines were to faint to be considered positive, but I took the tests to my dr and they said they were positive! So yes they can be wrong and this also happened with my last child who is now 6. Health dept's suck!


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Q: Can the Health Department pregnancy tests be wrong?
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Can a doctors pregnancy test be wrong?

Yes, all pregnancy tests can be wrong

What could be wrong if you haven't had a period in three months but all pregnancy tests are negative tests?

there could be many health related issues with that you should contact your doctor.

You have had 3 positive blood pregnancy tests and one negative home pregnancy test which was taken after the first positive blood test was reported what does this mean?

It means that either the blood tests were wrong or the home pregnancy test was wrong

What could be wrong if my friend has missed her period (6 months late) and has signs of pregnancy but all tests are negative?

All home pregnancy tests*

Can blood tests for pregnancy be wrong?

A qualitative blood test can be wrong. The Quantitative Beta HCG blood test will not be wrong.

Can several pregnancy tests be wrong if taken before your period is due?


How likely is it that a pregnancy test is wrong showing symptoms no period negative test?

Most pregnancy tests are 99%

Will pregnancy show up in a blood test for mono?

No. A pregnancy test tests for the hormones that only show in pregnancy. Mono is a disease and they would look for the signs of Mono. Now, they could also do a pregnancy test just to make sure you aren't pregnant to check off what is wrong with you. The doctor will order blood tests of various kinds to be sure what the problem is with your health.

What could be wrong if you have a jumpy twitchy stomach but several pregnancy tests have been negative?


Can a negative pregnancy test be wrong?

sure it can. why could it not be. tests are not 100 % correct all the time.

If the pregnancy tests keep being wrong can that be bad for the baby?

Yes it can be bad if the Dr. can't see you are pregnancy so. I think the Dr. can an need to do a ultsound on the who is pregnancy.

If your pregnancy test said you were pregnant but your period isn't due for 4 more days could it be wrong?

No its not wrong as pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy as early as 4 days before a missed period yes it can b

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