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Can the IRS garnish your income tax refund for a judgment by a payday loan business in Nevada?

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No. The judgment creditor can, however, execute the judgment as a wage garnishment or bank account levy or any other methods allowed under the laws of the state.

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I have a judgment in ca. can they garnish me in fl.?

If you owe money and have a judgment against you, they can garnish your income.

Can student loans garnish unemployment income in Nevada?


Can your wages be garnished and your bank account?

A single creditor can only execute a judgment in one manner, that being the case a judgment creditor cannot concurrently garnish income and levy the bank account of a judgment debtor.

In Florida can courts garnish retirement income?

Yes, a court order can garnish retirement income for a legitimate debt.

Can a father be forced to support the child though he has no work?

Yes. Even if he has no income, you can garnish some government benefits such as unemployment. You can also garnish assets such as bank balances, tax refunds and rental deposits. If you can obtain a court judgment, that can be enforced as many as seven years later against future income or assets.

Can the IRS garnish 401k?

yes IRS will garnish 401k because they see it as a income.

Can a creditor with a judgment garnish more than one income?

Certainly, as long as the income belongs to the judgment debtor. A judgment creditor could not enforce a wage garnishment against co-debtor spouses simultaneously. Wage garnishment must run consecutively no concurrently. Likewise a judgment creditor could not execute a wage garnishment against dual income of the judgment debtor(s). For example, if the debtor worked two part time jobs the garnishment could only be enforced as a singular judgment against one of the earnings.

Can a landlord garnish state income tax?


Can a landlord garnish income tax refunds?


Can the state of Illinois garnish you income tax refund for unemployment?

Yes the IDES can and will garnish your income tax refund they did mine 2013 took 3,400.

Can the IRS garnish an income tax refund if money is owed from an audit?

Yes, the IRS can, and will, garnish an income tax refund if money is owed from an audit.

Highest Income Tax Rate in 1943 of Nevada?

Nevada did not and does not have a personal income tax

How do you garnish wages in New York?

File suit against the debtor in the appropriate state court in the county where the debtor resides. If the plaintiff wins a judgment they can execute the judgment as a wage garnishment against the debtor. New York allows a maximum of 25% garnishment of disposable income by a judgment creditor.

Who can garnish wages or income tax returns?

Can credit card companies that take you to civil court garnish your wages or income tax return if you lose in the lawsuit

Is it legal in KY for the lender to garnish your income taxes?

noboby can garnish your income tax except for the government. Unless they take you to court. If they do that file chapter 7.

Do you enter the amount paid from a federal garnish on your tax return?

No. Your gross income is reported on your federal 1040 income tax return. The federal garnish amount that was paid would not be a deduction from your gross income on your income tax return.

Can the IRS garnish widows Social Security income?


Is it legal in MI for the lender to garnish your income taxes?

Yes....but not your federal income taxes.

What do they not tax in Nevada?

There is no personal income tax in Nevada.

How many bank accounts can a debtor garnish at one time?

A single judgment by one creditor can only be executed as one specific "cure" and cannot be enforced as multiple levies, garnishments or liens concurrently. However, a judgment creditor can garnish a bank account or income at the same time a child support, tax arrearage and in some states spousal maintenance garnishment is active.

What is the Nevada state tax?

Nevada does not have a state income tax.

Can an ex spouse garnish private disability income?

No, but the court can.

How much can they garnish from my income tax return?

They can keep it all.

Can the IRS garnish you income tax refund for a judgment by a bank in Oklahoma?

No. Other government agencies can offset your IRS refund through the Treasury Offset Program, but a private entity (like a bank) cannot.

Can a credit card company garnish wages in Alabama?

If the lender/collector sues the borrower and wins a judgment the judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment. The maximum under federal law being 25% of the judgment debtor's disposable income, with the first 30 x minimum wage allowance (weekly based) being exempt from attachment.