Can the Leonids Meteor Shower be viewed in Jamaica and at what time and where in sky can I find it?

Any meteor shower can be observed from anywhere in the world. The best time to see meteors is between midnight and dawn. Our understanding of the precise location of the debris streams is not as accurate as people like to think, and the predictions are often off by several hours. Each recorded observation improves the predictions for the next encounter with this comet track, of course, but we are often surprised when meteors fall in greater or lesser numbers than were expected.

Meteor showers occur when the Earth passes through or near the orbit of a comet. Comets shed dust and gravel on each pass through the inner solar system, and the debris lags very slightly behind the comet's nucleus. As the centuries pass, the entire orbit of the comet becomes somewhat dusty, and when Earth passes through the dust trail, we get meteor "showers".

However, meteors can enter the Earth's atmosphere at any time.