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Although the PS2 can play DVD's, it cannot read Karaoke CD's.

Source: My mom is a Karaoke fanatic and I own a PS2.

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Can you play a regular PC game on your PS2.?

No you can only play PS2 or PS1 games on your PS2. You can also play DVDs and CDs

Can you play computer cds in PS2?


How can you play ps2 cds in your computer?

It is currently impossible to my knowledge, to play PS2 CD's in your PC.

When you compress ps2 games and burn to a disc will it play on ps2 player?

PS2 games are on DVDs and not CDs

How do you play songs on sony playstation 2?

The PS2 will play music CDs

Can you play Xbox cds in ps2 systems?

You can not play xbox games on a playstation 2

Can the PS2 play CDs?

Yes it can. It can play music CD's and DVD's Hope this helped

Can you run normal CD in PS2?

I want help that Can you play Normal CDS at PS2? Any Idea....

Can you play DVD's on PlayStation?

No, On Playstation or the PSone you can play CDs, on PS2 CDs and DVDs, on PS3 Blu Ray Discs if set up for 1080P and even if not DVDs and CDs

Do American ps2 cds run in India?

No, American ps2 cds do'not run in indian ps2's. Same is the case with me ,but a little different. I have American ps2, and when i tried to run indian ps2 cds in it it did'not accept.

Is the PS2 cool.?

Yes it has games that are AWESOME it can also play movies and music CDs.

Do PS2 Sing Star microphones work with PS2 Karaoke Revolution?

Pretty much any microphone will work with any singing game. Actually, No, PS2 Sing Star microphones will not work with PS2 Karaoke Revolution. Karaoke Revolution takes the Logitech microphone.

Is karaoke revolution country only for ps2?

Yes but Karaoke Revolution is for the PS3

Does a playstation 2 play Blu-ray movies?

No a PS2 can not play Blu-ray discs and can only play CDs and DVDs.

Can you play PS3 on ps2?

No the PS3 games are too advanced for the older PS2 and they are on Blu-ray even though they look the same as CDs and DVDs

Can you play regular playstation games on a ps2?


Do all DVD cds Work on PS2?

No only the region for the PS2

Does a ps2 headset work for karaoke revolution boogie and sing star for ps2?

Not for sing star boggie or karaoke revolution. Head Sets are only for chatting.

Can you play PS3 CD in PS2?

No the PS3 is not even a CD although the game discs are the same size even the PS2 are on DVDs and not CDs. The PS3 is on Blue ray disc and can not be read by the PS2

How do you use duplicate cds for ps2?

No you can not use them. Duplicate CDs is just another way of saying a burnt discs instead of a purchased disc, besides the games on the PS2 are DVDs not CDs

PlayStation 3 can play ps2 cds?

Some of the first models of the PlayStation 3 but the later ones nope.

How do you download playstaion 2 games to a CD and play it on your PC?

First they are on DVDs not Cds, second they will not play on the PC unless the PC has a PS2 emulation program that works well on all PS2 games

How many PS2 games can be bought on the internet and fit in a PS3?

All PS2 game discs fit but do not play. The PS3 can play Blue Ray CDs and DVDs and they are all the same size discs

Will a pal PS2 game play on a regular PS2 console?

If your PS2 is an NTSC one and you have not modified it, no PAL game may work. Only if you modify your PS2, then it will work.

How you play ps2 game on PC from CD drive?

You do not for a number of reasons. PCs without an emulator do not play PS2 games. PS2 games are not CDs they are DVDs. The emulators run files so the games must be downloaded into the PC harddrive and then played. The emulator uses the PS2 bios to play the game and you must have a PS2 to legally download the PS2 Bios. Games are much easier to be played on your PS2 and the emulator does not work on many PS2 titles

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