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Yes. Congress however has the power to cease funding for this activity.

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How does the president leads the military?

He asks congress for approval during war declarations

By what authority does the President of the US with the approval of Congress order the military to attack another country?

legal rational authority

What power does the president share with congress for war?

Only Congress has the power to declare war. The president commands the military and so can launch air strikes without Congressional approval. However, he has to pay for any lengthy military action and that requires support from Congress.

Did Bush get approval for war in Afghanistan?

Bush went before Congress to explain the need for war and received their approval. It is not a requirement to receive their approval, but the law does require a President explain to Congress that we are going to use military force before doing so.

The President must always get Congressional approval when taking military action?

False. The President is the commander-in-cheif of the nations military, and can take any military action he pleases. However, that does not mean that congress has to fund it, or support it.

When the President of the US with the approval of Congress orders the military to attack another country this authority is legitimized by?

Approval by Congress pretty well legitimizes anything. Congress makes the laws. The Supreme Court may eventually revoke laws passed by Congress and signed by the president, but that takes time and the law is legitimate until it is revoked.

How can the president commit military forces overseas without declaring war?

The president can only send troops out for 60 days without Congress approval, then Congress has to agree and declare war or extend his time.

Can the president send members of the armed forces to other countries?

Yes, he can. However, he can not sustain military action without the approval of Congress .

How do congress and the president share responsibility for nation's military?

Congress and the president share responsibility for the nation's military.This is so because Congress controls government spending and because the president can only send troops over seas for 60 days unless Congress declares war or gives approval to the troops staying.They have meetings in the Capitol Building. Then they have the speaker of house be a spokes person for the president.

How can congress check the president?

Congress checks the president in several ways. 1. They are able to override a veto by gaining a 2/3 majority vote on the bill or policy that they want to be passed. 2. The house is about to impeach the president. 3. The senate is able to convict and try the President for the Impeachment articles that the House researches and creates. 4. The senate approves of presidential appointments. 5. The president needs congressional approval to have military forces in other countries. A president may have troops active for 60 days, but if they do not have approval of Congress, then they must withdraw within 30 days. (War Powers Resolution)

How many people serve in the US military that the President has authority over?

As the Commander in Chief the US President has authority over the entire military, so all of them. He has the authority to deploy up to 400,000 at a time without needing the approval of Congress

What military powes does the president have?

The President can declare war with other countries, but with the approval of the Senate.

How do congress and the president share responsibilities for the nation's military?

As a commander and chief of the armed forces, the president can use the military to intervene or offer assistance in crisis at home and around the world. The president cannot declare war: Only congress holds this power. The president can send troops to all parts of the world for up to 60 days but must notify congress when doing so. The troops may remain longer if congress gives approval or declares war.

How did George Washington expand the powers of the president?

George Washington expanded the powers of the president when he ordered military to go and fight Indians in the west with out approval from Congress. He would often make decisions about fighting the Indians and would inform Congress only after the fact.

The president is the what of the us army?

The President is the Commander in Chief of all the Military Branches, he is the ultimate approval.

What is the limit of how many troops can be deployed by the president without telling congress?

The president has no money for troops without the approval of Congress, so he would be limited to the troops who are already funded and any expenses incurred in military operation would have to be paid with money that was appropriated earlier.

Does the US president have the right to use military force without Congress's authorization?

YES It is the level of military activity which determines if he needs congresses approval. At some level he will need to ask congress for the money needed to keep the military operation going.

Can the president order troops into battle without congress approval?

Yes, he can. However, he only has control over existing resources. He can not sustain extensive military operations for very long without getting Congress to appropriate more money.

Who decides with president to use military force?


Who decides with the president to use military force?


Can the President of the US order troops into battle without the approval of Congress?

Yes, he can. However, he only has control over existing resources. He can not sustain extensive military operations for very long without getting Congress to appropriate more money.

Can the president delcare war?

No, but the president can use military forces, and propose it to congress. congress is the only one who can declare war.

Why is the presidents power of commander in chief considered to be without limit?

The presidential powers of Commander-in-Chief are not without limit. The President can not declare war, must get approval for money spent on war or the military and Congress can stop a war at any-time and also impeach the President if he/she goes beyond their allowed powers. Congress can also stop a war at any time and even if the President invokes the war measures acts they can override him with a two-thirds majority of both houses.

How did George W Bush bypass congress to attack Iraq?

He did what Obama just did for Libya- ordered military action on his own , without approval from Congress.

Why shouldn't the president have the right to send military forces without the congress permission?

Because the congress controls and tells what the president has to say or do.