Can the Sydney Harbour Bridge be climbed at night?

Yes, it sure can!

I've climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my family. We did the night time climb and it was absolutley amazing!

Don't worry though, it is entirely safe. As you walk up, it isn't that dark, the sun is setting, but when you reach the top (which takes all of about 90minutes - because the guide that takes you up there, stops every now and again to talk about the Opera House etc. which takes time) is pitch black.

Before you even begin to climb, when you're getting ready to climb the bridge, you are given a head torch, so if it does get too dark for you at any point, you can use it.

If you ever get the chance, go ahead! Usually, it takes all of about 3hrs to get up and back, they take about three photos of you while you're climbing.

- One with the background of the Opera House

- Another with the background of the Sydney Harbour and the beautiful city lights on

- And a final picture of you RIGHT at the top of the bridge.

It was a wonderful time ... and that's coming from someone who is scared of heights!!