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Can the US end poverty?

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I think its definitely a possibility, maybe not the US alone, but if they were the first to make a move other MEDC countries would follow.

I believe that reducing debt, increasing fair trade, and giving less aid would help LEDCs to slowly improve. it would let them get back on to their legs. Yes it would take ages, and a lot of political problems. But it would be beneficial.

It could be argued that with less aid they will die... yes but it will allow locals to set up their markets again, and people could get jobs.... you know the rest.

Many believe that richer counties, like us, are doing it to keep us rich and them poor...

Maybe in the future someday ey :)

Yes it is possible . As a kid I had a chance to read US -Pakistan friendship Urdu Language Magazine Seerben in 1960s. Accountability protection of human rights social security non-development expenses at UNO level can be considered for implementation in developing countries those are allies to US . Global trading annual loss of $ 7.5 billions and trading of $ 15 trillions oil and gas from Central Asia is destroying many of the leading economies like US economy due to failed strategic dimensions.

I also believe it is possible, but that poverty must be ended through a collective effort. In 2000, world leaders came together at United Nations headquarters in New York to adopt the UN Millenium Development Goals. This consisted of 8 goals set to be achieved by 2015 that included things like ending poverty and hunger and combatting HIV/AIDS. Ending poverty has been set as a priority and goal for the international community, and now it is just up to every nation to keep their commitment.

In the United States this means all Senators and House members backing important poverty-reduction legislation, like the Water for the World Act. If passed, these bills will end up funding important projects on the ground of developing countries that will emphasize sustainable development for communities. Check out the Millenium Villages Project ( This Project has been very successful with development in villages in Africa.

So the next step is to make sure these bills are getting passed. That is where every American has to be involved. Congressional officials are elected into office by their constituents and that is who they are there to serve. If enough constituents express the need for congressional officials to support poverty-reduction legislation, chances are, they will. Urge your congressional officials to cosponsor important poverty-reduction legislation.

Bills will get passed, people will get money to do work on the ground to create development and sustainability in communities. The international community is on board to end global poverty, now it is up to us to urge our congressional leaders to make this possible.

2013-03-27 15:56:19
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Q: Can the US end poverty?
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