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Copy search the PA code vol. will make no difference

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Q: Can the bank garnish your wages or put a lien on your house for a voluntary repossession in Pennsylvania?
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Can a lender take a house after a voluntary repossession of vehicle in Pennsylvania?

Yes. I would say because it just should. Who r u? LOSER bye...

If you do a voluntary repossession on your auto can your house be taken by the bank if you have no equity in it?

NO. They can't take what you don't have.

If only one person in the household is working can they garnish that person's wages for a voluntary repo and can they take your house if you have equity?

Only if that person is on the contract cosigner etc. and no they cant take your house.

How do you use repossession in a sentence?

The bank's repossession of their house left the family with no place to live.

Can a landlord garnish wages in gwinett ga?

Can a private citizen who rents out a house to you garnish your wages from your payroll.

What is the car repossession law in Arizona?

check with your court house.

What are the risks of high debt levels?

house/car repossession

When would a house be in danger of repossession?

Typically, a house can be repossessed after 90 days of non payment by the mortgage holder. However, it is not illegal for repossession to begin after a missed payment, though this is extremely rare.

How can you volunteer give a lien on your house in AZ?

A voluntary lien would be a mortgage.A voluntary lien would be a mortgage.A voluntary lien would be a mortgage.A voluntary lien would be a mortgage.

If you give up your car can they garnish your wages and put a lien on your house you live in Texas?

After the lender gets a judgment they can garnish your wages but they cannot getyour house unless you used it as collateral for the car loan.

If you have a lien on one house and it is going into foreclosure will and we have a second house will anything happen to the second house and can they garnish your wages?

Did you record a Homestead on either house?

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Your house has been repossessed but the land remains in your name?

No. The house is attached to the land, so, the land is included in the repossession.

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You will be homeless!!

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If your husband decides to voluntary turn in his car voluntary repossession would this affect your credit if it's only in his name?

No it would only effect you if you had originally co-signed with your husband when he got the car to begin with.......Now, the only way it would hurt you is if you guys try to get another car or a house or anything of that nature, but you individually by yourself are not effected, but when you try to do something together with your husband, then YES!! This will hurt you big time

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