Can the basin drain pipe be offset from the pipe going into the wall?

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As long as the pipe going into the wall is straight, the rest of the drain pipe can be routed however it needs to be. Very often the trap is at an angle to the pipe in the wall.
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What is the safe working pressure on a 4 welded seamed pipe with 4 NPT threads Wall thickness of pipe is .188.Water is going through the pipe.?

Depending on type of pipe and how it is welded I know it should 150 p.s.i. Probably more but without knowing all the variables it's hard to say for sure.. Depending on type of pipe and how it is welded I know it should 150 p.s.i. Probably more but without knowing all the variables it's hard to say ( Full Answer )

How do you clean a drain pipe out?

To clean a shower drain pour Dr.Pepper down it!!! Ideally water jetting as it will scour the waste lines to restore full flow as originally designed how to get rid of smelly bathroom drains . Water Jetting , snaking , Hydraulic shock wave . For cleaning nothing beats water jetting

Do shower drains have pipes?

Yes normally no less then 2" diameter and and 11/2 vent line depending on developed length of piping and fittings

How to fix a drain pipe leak?

Cut out the old piping and caulk a new cast iron bell and spigot with lead and oakum and test

What dissolves rust in drain pipes?

Nothing dissolves rust in drain pipes. Once pipes become so old and rusty that they constantly keep blocking up, its time to replace and install PVC waste pipes.

What is a condensate drain pipe?

A condensate drain pipe is used in conjunction with airconditioning equipment. Usually installed with heat pumps, thisdrain pipe gives condensation a place to run off.

What is the invert level of a drain pipe?

the invert level is simply the inside bottom of the pipe. and a drain pipe naturally should never be level. It should have a minimum of 1/8" fall per foot and is always best to have at least 1/4" per foot

Drain pipe angle?

For drainage plumbers use 1/32 bend, 1/16 bend, 1/8 bend short, long sweeps and 1/4 bends. Converted to IPS 11.25 - 22.50 - 45 deg 60deg and 90 deg

Area of pipe when thickness of wall inner radius of pipe and length of pipe is given?

For a pipe of uniform radius and thickness, I believe the total surface area would be the Outside surface + Inside surface+ 2 times the surface of the ends. The inside radius(r inner ), pipe thickness (t), and pipe length (L) are given. So you only need to find the outside radius (R out ) and the ( Full Answer )

Where in a Peugeot 106 are the drain pipes?

there are no pipes in any car. there are lines and hoses. there is no master drain plug. there are floor plugs incase you get water in the car. you pull those out from the bottom. but not every car has them.

What is a pipe?

A pipe is most commonly defined as a hollow cylinder or tube used to conduct a liquid, gas, or finely divided solid.

Slope of a drain pipe?

What's the question? There's all different slopes. I've seen some that are practically flat - depends on the area usually. I believe here sewer has to be a minimum of 1%. But I don't think there is a minimum with storm drain - as long as it has SOME fall. Probably depens on your area, and if youre j ( Full Answer )

What to do with water pipes are leaking in the wall?

I am sorry to say that you are going to have to hack away at the plaster and find them or remove a section of plaster board. Turn the water off at the stop tap and either call a plumber or take photos and ask a plumbing supplies counter for a possible fix.

How do you drain pool pipes?

Bring the level of the pool below the static skimmer level then find the lowest point in your pool pipes and let the water out.

Why do your pipes make a noise in the wall?

Two primary reasons: There is air trapped in the pipes. It causes vibrations when it is subjected to compression. It can be releaved by bleeding air out of the piping and installing special piping devices to the pipes. The pipes themselves are expanding and contracting due to the changes in te ( Full Answer )

Why are drain pipes made from plastic?

PVC pipes, made of combined plastic and vinyl, are often used forprojects in which a drainage pipe has to hold up well againstpressure and heavy weight. This type of drainage pipe can beconstructed in a range of sizes and is very durable, even whenexposed to chemicals.

How do you remove a broken chrome bathroom sink drain pipe from the brass pipe in the wall when there's only half inch of the chrome pipe sticking out of the brass pipe and it can't just be pulled?

There is some possibility that the chrome pipe is threaded directly into the brass pipe. If that is the case, you will probably need to peel the chrome pipe out of the brass. Like untwisting the paper tube in a roll of toilet paper. They corrode and cannot be unscrewed. Replacing it may be a problem ( Full Answer )

Why is iron not used on drain pipes?

Iron rusts easily when combined with water, and drain pipes have water flowing through them. If iron was used, the pipes would rust within a few days.

How can you fix noise from pipes in wall?

In my old home, the problem had to do with the piping size from the water heater. We never did find a plumber who had a cost effective way to fix it.

Recommended distance between a drain pipe and vent pipe?

Depending on which code your using, I normally vent a trap with in 2 ft of the fixture and I place the trap no further then 2 ft from the fixture EXCEPT for floor drain as I can install them with in 15 ft of a vented line

Where is the drain pipe on 24 Carrot island?

The drain pipe is to the far right and down, on the far side of the Carrot Cake Factory. Once you have a crowbar, and the blueprint from the window near the roof, you can enter the factory. (see related question)

How do you remove roots from a drain pipe?

There are several methods of removing tree roots from a sewer pipe. The standard method is mechanical : a "Sewer Snake" which cuts at the tree root incursion with a rotating blade. Neither chemicals nor water jetting are effective on many root blockages. Cutting the roots and sealing or replacing t ( Full Answer )

What type of debris is in pipes and drains?

I think its silt and household waste depending on what type of pipe your talking about. i think algae might grow in some depending on the conditions.

What is drain pipe made of?

Cast Iron, extra Heavy Cast Iron, service weight Cast Iron, No Hub Cast Iron, Yalloy, Durion, Galvanized steel, Galvanized wrought, Copper Tubing Type K,L,M, DWV, ACR, Brass Yellow and Red, and Thermo plastics.

How do you locate clog in the drain pipe?

If it is not in the trap, then it usually can only be located by "snaking" the pipe with a plumber's snake, a length of braided steel cable with a pincer or spiral spring end. The snake can be pushed through the pipe easily until it meets the obstruction, where it stops. Rotating the snake then bore ( Full Answer )

What pipe size is for kitchen drain pipe to sewer?

30 cm cheers bro A kitchen WASTE pipe is 11/2" in many codes which is utter stupidity as the kitchen WASTE line does become reduced with grease and soap scum deposits If the WASTE piping is going under ground to connect to the SOIL line (sewer piping) then 2" is strongly recommended as snaking a ( Full Answer )

What size is drain pipe and trap for bathroom?

In N. America, bathroom sink drain and p-trap are usually 1.5 inch inside diameter. Some places allow for 11/4 - 11/2 basin trap. Normally you will find a 11/4 INLET and 11/2 outlet Tub waste is 11/2" toilets 3" - 4" Showers 2" Bidget 1/12

What is drain pipe?

A drain pipe is used to move water away from a certain area. Examples are the pipes that go across patio roofs, and pipes that lead excess water away from houses.

What size is a toilet drain pipe?

It depends on how many types of toilets there are. . If there are two toilets installed then the standard toiletsewer pipe size for that is 3". If there are three or more toiletsthen a 4" sewer pipe is needed for an adequate drainage.

What is the white goop in your drain pipes?

Could be most anything. One drain or just the kitchen ? House or multiple unit building ? Hard or soft ? First thought is that it is grease that was poured down a sink. Was any dry wall work done ? Could be taping mud.

How can i locate where my drain pipe is frozen?

If you have access, you can try tapping on the pipe with a littlehammer or screwdriver handle. An unfrozen pipe should sound alittle bit hollow, and the frozen spot(s) should sound dead incomparison.