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I know chlorine is very bad for internal organs and sensitive skin.

* I have never heard of such a thing. And the above answer most likely applies only if you are ignorant enough or are a child to drink the liquid chlorine. k

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โˆ™ 2007-11-04 21:49:54
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Q: Can the chemicals in the pool make you fall asleep if not added correctly or be hazardous to your health?
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What is a mixture of dust acids and other chemicals that can be hazardous to human health?


Are trucking operator jobs hazardous to one's health?

Operating a truck should have no health consequences if done correctly. Hazmat drivers have no contact with hazardous materials if the trailers are packed and loaded correctly.

What is an msds register?

Am MSDS register is a listing of hazardous chemicals. It informs how they will affect your health in the workplace.

Why is it dangerous to smell chemicals?

It is dangerous to smell chemicals because some chemicals are hazardous to health at concentrations lower than those you can smell. In addition, the label may be wrong, or missing, so you may be smelling something more hazardous than you thought.

What are bio-hazardous chemicals?

biological substances that pose a threat to the health of living organisms, primarily that of humans.

How can you become exposed chemicals?

In order for a chemical to become hazardous to a person's health, it must first not drink, eat, or smoke in areas where they may be exposed to toxic chemicals.

Why does smoking make you have a likely chance of getting cancer?

There are toxic chemicals that are hazardous to your health in each cigarette that you inhale when you smoke one.

What are importance of industrial hygiene in relation to health?

Industrial Hygiene is a profession that seeks to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control exposure to hazardous agents in the workplace so that employees can maintain their health while working with or near hazardous agents such as chemicals, noise, radiation, etc.

Is mercury hazardous to health?

Yes, mercury is very hazardous to health when touched, inhaled, or eaten.

What businesses generate hazardous waste?

Generally, businesses working with plastics, metals and/or dyes produce waste that is hazardous to our health and the general health of the outside environment and its inhabitants. The chemicals and fumes from melting plastics and things used to finish metals produce chemicals. Even the factories which make machines and gadgets produce smoke. Run-off chemicals and dyes poison animals, bodies of water, fish and the air. Obviously, factories in the nuclear business produce residual chemicals. :(

What are the specific health hazards for Material Safety Data Sheets?

There are no specific health hazards associated with Material Safety Data Sheets. They are merely documents that are associated with hazardous chemicals, mixtures and preparations.

Is charcoal hazardous to your health?


What happens when chemicals are released into the air?

It depends on the chemical and its strength. The majority of 'chemicals' are harmless and are connected to various odors, scents, or aromas that you find in the everyday world. Many chemicals that are artificially made or that are used as solvents can be extremely hazardous to health. Of course, many chemicals are made deliberately to be poisonous.

what is the importance of health and safety at how should health and safety be ensured how should an induction book on heath and safety be presented?

Health and safety on the job isn't optional it is the law. Every work place that has hazardous chemicals present on site must have an MSDS that details the hazards of chemicals in the workplace. It is helpful to introduce health and safety topics at induction with videos or other visual aides that help the employee see the hazardous situation. At the very least the book should be verbally summarized by speaking the major points to the employees.

Is water pollution harmful to animals?

Polluting the water where animals live can be hazardous for their health and their environment. They can die from harsh chemicals or trash that is emptied into large bodies of water.

Is polyethylene hazardous to health?

Yes, it is.

How is smoke hazardous for health?


What has the author James V Aidala written?

James V. Aidala has written: 'Hazardous chemical facilities and community right-to-know' -- subject(s): Chemicals, Freedom of information, Hazardous substances, Health aspects, Health aspects of Hazardous substances, Law and legislation, Reporting, Safety measures, United States, United States. Environmental Protection Agency 'The Toxic Substances Control Act' -- subject(s): Chemical industry, Chemicals, Government policy, Hazardous substances, Law and legislation, Poisons, United States 'Pesticide regulation' -- subject(s): Pesticides, Law and legislation

How does the National Fire Protection Agency help identify hazardous chemicals?

red= fire harzard blue= health hazard yellow= reactivity hazard white= special hazard

What are Permissible Exposure Limits?

Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) are limits of occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals that have been established by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

What are the health hazards of chromium electroplating?

chromium is very hazardous to health

What is COSHH?

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.

Is drinking hazardous to one's health?

Alcohol is a drug and car should be taken with it. The more someone drinks, the more hazardous it will be to their health. In moderation though, drinking will do minimal damage to ones health.

Is period blood hazardous to your health?

Menstrual blood may be hazardous to the health of others, but only if the woman has a blood-borne disease and the blood in not properly handled.

Are mercaptans hazardous to health?

Yes, ethyl mercaptans and mercaptans are central nervous system stimulants and also strong odor causing chemicals. Exposure should be eliminated ro carefully controlled.