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I dont think so but heres a suggestion pay the bill and they should leave you alone. NO!!!Look up the Fair Debt Collection act it is online. Harassment has many different definitions to many different people.

If you are asking can a lender call you at work and ask you for payment if you are late regardless of the amount of time you are late, then yes, they can.

If you are asking can they call you repeatedly and call you derogatory names, and notify your coworkers you are delinquently in debt, then, no, they cannot. the former is NOT harassment, the later is.

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Q: Can the company of the lending agency harass you on your job for payment and you are only one day late to pay your payment?
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Can collectors make you pay?

No. Debt collectors contracted by the owner of the debt to contact the debtor for payment. In most cases they will say anything and harass you into make a payment. Depending on how their payroll works- If you do make a payment, they get a comission on the payment you make.

Can a creditor call and harass you to make a payment during the 10 day grace period?

depends on the contract.

Can you find a lender who wont make threats?

Yes you can, Acadia Lending Group has very good customer reviews. They do not harass customers like other well known lending companies, which is a rarity. The representatives treat people like family!

Can a collection agency call and harass you and not reveal their phone number or identify themselves when you answer?

That would be a violation of the FDCPA. But if there is no evidence that it is a collection agency making the calls, there is no way to file a complaint.

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What can a credit card company do if you fail to pay off the bal?

harass you until it gives up

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Can the repo company harass you at work to try to locate the vehicle?

No, look up the Fair Debt Collection Act its online.

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The car company has to provide all the necessary notices before it can repossess a car. Also, the company has to follow the proper procedure, and avoid any actions that harass the car owner.

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Can a landlord harass you for rent when the rent isn't even due?

A landlord cannot legally harass you for rent if your rent is not in arrears.

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If you are late on your car payment can the finance company call your family and harass them if they cant get ahold of you?

This happened with my sister in law who put my wife down as a reference There is no legal action that can be taken since she listed us without our permission. We asked them to not call again and they complied. If they are calling your household and are not listed on the application but live in the same dwelling I am not sure of the ruling on that one

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