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Can the computer on a '90 Eclipse turbo cause the timing to jump?

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The only thing that the computer can do to affect the cars running is the capacitor meltdown. Bought a 1993 1.8 and the ECU was toast. That is all, otherwise it's all mechanical.

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What is the timing sequence for a 94 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L non turbo manual transmission?

what is the timing sequence on a 1994 Mitsubishi ecipes 2.0 leader no turbo??

Where are the timing marks on 97 eclipse?

Turbo - http://www.vfaq.com/mods/timingbelt-2G.html Non Turbo - http://www.vfaq.com/mods/timingbelt-2G-NT.html

What all do you take off of an eclipse turbo to turn an Eclipse non turbo into an Eclipse turbo?

The engine, accessories, transmission, computer, exhaust, etc - it would be cheaper to simply sell the non turbo and buy a turbo model. Alternatively, Hahn Racecraft makes a turbo kit specifically targeted to the 420A engine in the Eclipse RS/GS and Talon ES/ESi for prices of approximately $3k, and is offered in several customized layouts.

Can you put a turbo on a 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse rs?

For the right price you can put a turbo on just about anything. Unfortunately for you the cost to put a turbo on a non-turbo eclipse is probably more than going out and buying an eclipse with a turbo already on it.

Does the 93 Mitsubishi eclipse have a stock turbo?

There was a stock turbo option for the 93 eclipse. there was also a non-turbo (n/a) option.

Timing on ade 407?


How much is a coil pack for a Mitsubishi eclipse?

It depends on what year model eclipse u have is it the turbo or non turbo model

On a 1985 Subaru turbo car will a non turbo engine without turbo charger work?

yes it will but you will need to change the ECU - computer that runs the car / timing / fuel and air ratios. hope this helps :)

What is gas mileage on 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse?

This depends on if the eclipse is automatic or manual and also if it is the turbo model or the non-turbo model.

How do you set timing on 2C Turbo diesel engine?

To start timing on the 2C Turbo diesel engine, you will have to locate or distinguish camshaft timing marks.

How do you set the engine timing on a Buick Grand National 3.8 turbo?

You did not specify as to the year. If it does not have a distributor then the computer takes care of it.

Can you swap 95 eclipse turbo engine in to 98 eclipse turbo?

yes. both engines are the 4g63. the turbo engines from the 1990-1994 is a 6 bolt 4g63 and the turbo engine from the 1995-1999 is a 7 bolt 4g63.

How do you know if your vehicle is a Mitsubishi eclipse gt turbo or just a Mitsubishi eclipse gt?

there is no gt turbo. there was only the gs turbo and the gsx which was turboed, the gt didn't come til the 3rd generation eclipse which was in 2000 but 2000+ are all non-turboed.

Are you causing harm to your eclipse by not tunning the turbo?

yes eventually the turbo will get clogged up and stop spinnig the fan in the turbo

What is faster a Mitsubishi 3000gt or a turbocharger 99 Mitsubishi eclipse gsx?

a turbo maniafactured in the car is faster then no turbo so 99 eclipse gsx is faster

Does the mk triton 2.8lt turbo diesel have timing belt or chain?

MK Turbo Diesel 2.8 has a timing chain fitted not a belt

Is the voltage regulator built in the computer on a 1995 eclipse?

No, its a internal regulator inside your alternator if it is turbo, just look for the gray plug in front of the alternator!

What is the firing order for a 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Turbo?

The Mitsubishi GS does not come with turbo...... ^^^^^^ Idiot... The Eclipse GS did come turbo, surprisingly it was called the Eclipse GS-T, I wonder what the T stands for. Now, with that out of the way, the firing order is 1-3-4-2..

Whats the stock eclipse 2g turbo?

The turbo is a T-25 .... comes on the gs-t and gsx

Oil weight for 1997 eclipse?

10W-30 for non turbo. 5W-30 for turbo models

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