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Yes, if you have dual beam lamps.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-25 17:03:49
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Q: Can the dim headlights burn out while the brights still work?
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Why do headlights burn out more when its cold out?

it hurts them

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What is the cost in running with headlights on during daylight hours?

your headlights will burn out faster and could possibly blow a fuse, but you would go through headlights and a drastically increased rate if you use headlights when they are unneeded.

What would make headlights burn out on a 1971 super beetle Volkswagen?

Being old is usually what does it. If new headlights burn out, do a voltmeter check. If the voltage is much over 14, your voltage regulator is fried.

Are automobiles headlights wired in parallel or in series?

Headlights are generally wired in parallel. This way, if one headlight is to burn out, the others remain lit.

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What causes Chrysler 2000 jxi to burn out headlights frequently?

Your headlight is leaking, allowing water to enter the lens. when it is on water will burn out the bulb.

How do you remove 8 years old burn marks?

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Why do my Jaguar's headlights only work with the high beams on?

It's most likely that your headlights are just dead. There are separate filaments for your headlight and your highbeam, so odds are both headlight filaments are burned out, but your highbeam filaments (which probably get used less) are still fine. It's not unusual for both headlights to burn out at the same time. Throw in another pair of headlights, it's probably the cheapest thing to rule out and the most likely solution.

1998 E320 Just purchased 3 of 4 headlights burn when turned on Should the middle two be on or off when lights on?

The middle two lights should be on when you turn on the headlights.

Can both low beam headlights burn out?

Any light can burn out, no matter how unlikely it may be that both low beam lights cease working simultaneously.

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