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Yes, if he has visitation rights or shared custody, she will need his consent.

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Q: Can the father stop the single mother from moving out of state with his child in CA?
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Can a father stop a mother from moving to another state with the child?

If they have joint custody.. Yes he can

How much do you pay for child support if the father is not married to the mother?

If the father is not married to the mother your mum doesn't have to pay a single penny

Which of these is the best example of a single parent family?

a child / children and a mother or a father

How can you get residential custody of child as a single father?

A single father, what does that mean? Are you divorced, ever married to the mother of your child, or is the child adopted by you, or is the mother dead or out of the picture? If your question is "How does a Father obtain residential custody after a divorce or in a paternity case", then I can answer this question. Let me know what your grounds for custody are. What is it about the mother or other parent that makes it harmful for the child to remain in their care?

Single mother leaving state with child?

In many states there is a law that prohibits a single mother from leaving the state with a minor child. There are exceptions to this rule if the father of the minor child agrees to let the child be moved out of the state.

When the mother dies and the father is in prison who side of the family does the child go to?

If the mother is single, her side in 100% of the cases.

Can a father of an unborn child out of wedlock stop the mother of the child from moving out of the country before giving birth?

No the father has no paternal rights until the baby is born.

What do you call a child that only got a mother or father?

Although all children (unless they are cloned) have two parents, (a father and a mother); a child with only one parent that is currently raising them is called a single parent child.

You are a single mother in Saudi Arabia and your son is in the Philippines and broke up with the father how can you seek child support if he is still studying?

There is no there can not be any single is USA system single mother

What is single parent family?

A single parent is the absence of one parent in the child or children life it could be mother or father.

Can the father of your child stop you from moving if there is no custody order in place?

No. An unmarried mother has sole custody of her child until the courts become involved.

How can a single mother gain sole custody of a child?

Look for information on filing child abandonment against the father in your state. People do this if the father is not present in the child's life, not paying child support, or is abusive.

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