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Some placentas are attached to the front of the uterus. When that happens the fetal movement may be muffled because the baby is kicking at the placenta instead of kicking at your tummy.

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What organs does the placenta act as for the fetus?

The placenta acts as the lungs for the fetus.

How is the fetus connected to the placenta?

The fetus is attached to the placenta by the umbilical cord.

What is the role of the uterus in the development of the fetus and the placenta?

The uterus is where the fetus develops and the placenta connects the uterus to the fetus.

How is the placenta connected to the fetus?

the fetus is the baby and the placenta is how the baby gets nutrients or food while in the womb, there is a tube that connects from the placenta to the fetus bellybutton

Do the placenta connect the fetus to the unmbilcal cord?

The placenta is connected with the umbilical cord and then to the fetus.

How does the placenta act as lungs for the fetus?

The placenta is connected to the fetus and that is then receiving oxygen from the mother, and both lungs and placenta helps you breathe.

What is the function of the umbilical cord in a mammalian fetus?

The main function of the umbilical cord in a mammalian fetus is to carry nourishment and oxygen to the fetus from the mother's placenta, and to carry waste products from the fetus to the placenta. The umbilical cord is the source of connection from the placenta to the fetus.

What is a placenta where is it and what is it used for?

WHAT IS THE FUNCTION OF THE PLACENTA? The placenta is the organ that connects the fetus and the mother together. This organ lets the fetus' co2 and waste come out

An organ that nourishes the fetus?

The placenta nourishes the fetus.

Why is the umbilical cord necessary?

The umbilical cord leads from the placenta to the fetus and it's through that the fetus get nourishment from the placenta.

Why are materials exchanged between mother and fetus through the placenta?


What is the organ that nourishes the fetus?


What portion of the placenta is from the fetus?


The placenta is composed of tissues from the?


What structure surrounds the fetus?

The placenta.

What structure does a fetus get a nourishment from?

The placenta

What anchors the fetus to the mother?


How a feotus obtains food and oxygen through the placenta?

The fetus is supplied oxygen and nutrients from the placenta, the fetus and placenta are connected by the umbilical cord. Everything goes through the cord.

What does the placenta provide with the embryo with?

everything. It is the way the fetus gets all it needs from the mother and disposes of of practically all waste except heat. The fetus gets nutrients and oxygen from the placenta and the placenta filters the fetus' blood and takes out wastes

For what purpose is the placenta attached to the mother and fetus?

The placenta being attached to both the mother and the fetus, provide important benefits, such as supplying nutrients to the fetus, eliminating waste, and gas exchange.

What structure serves as the lungs for a fetus?

The Placenta

What is area of gas exchange in fetus?

In the Placenta

What connects the placenta to the fetus?

Umbilical cord

What is the effect of ruptured placenta on the fetus?


What is the organs that nourishes the fetus?

Mostly the placenta