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Yes, This sounds exactly like what my 97 geo metro was doing. I replaced the fuel filter(thinking that was the problem, obviously it wasn't). Then I finally took it to someone who knew what they were doing and told me it was the fuel injector. I changed that and I haven't had a problem since. Sounds to me like it is definitely the fuel injector.

check the fuel pressure controller and the idle control valve, if one is messed up better to replace both as they go hand in hand.

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Q: Can the fuel injector cause a car to die?
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How do you tell if your car needs the fuel injector replaced?

I had a 1987 Pontiac Grand Am I found out that the injector needed to be replaced when the car would start for only a few seconds and the die out abruptly. The injector would only spray enough fuel into the throttle body in order to start it then would stop, the injector was located in the middle and above the throttle body making for an easy repair.

Will a bad fuel cap cause your car to run rough or die?

A bad fuel cap can make your check engine light go on. It shouldn't cause your car to run rough or die.

Why does a Lincoln ls die at stop lights?

The most common cause for an engine to die out, while idling, is the idle speed is set to low. You can adjust the idle speed with the fuel injector vital screw.

Why doesnt my new 305 Chevy engine have power to move without dying out?

broken fuel pump/ fuel filter can cause car to die right after starting. If the fuel pump is not pumping fuel into the engine, the car will stall.

Why would my car die on highway?

There are many possibilities. You could have clogged injectors, or even an intermittently bad fuel pump. try running injector cleaner through your car. Fill the gas tank to the top and put one bottle of injector cleaner in. Next time you fill up see if it solves the problem. If not, have the injectors cleaned, or the fuel pump and or filter looked at.

Would an old fuel filter cause your car to stall out then start but die again when you put on the gas?


What would cause a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse to die running down the road?

Check fuel pressure when the car idles.

Will a clogged fuel filter cause your car to start run for a second and die?

It sure will. When you suspect a clogged filter, replace it.

What could cause a car to die and not start back up even when you try to jump start it?

timing belt, out of fuel, fuel pump failure, loss of fire.

1988 Chevy Cheyenne dies when put in gear?

If a 1988 Chevy Cheyenne dies when it is put into gear, check the fuel pump. If the fuel pump is not getting adequate fuel, it will cause the car to die.

Would a leak from the power stering cause a car to sputter or die at idle?

NO... You have other problems. Sounds like WATER is in the fuel.

What would cause your engine to die when it decelerates quickly but idle just fine when it starts or decelerates slowly not fuel filter?

Sounds like a vacuum leak? try sticky egr valve YOu may want to check out your Ignition timing/ Carburetor or fuel injector.

How do you replace 1992 Nissan KA24E fuel injector O rings?

with the car off, pull out the fuse for the fuel pump, its located in the fuse box in the engine bay. With the fuse removed, start the car. its should run for a few seconds and die. with this done, remove the bolts and screws holding the fuel injectors and fuel rail assembly together. Pull out the injectors, and pull the upper and lower o rings off the injector. Take the new injectors and rub a little oil on them prior to installing them on the injectors, or putting the injectors back i nthe fuel rail assembly. install is the reverse of removal. reinstall the fuse, and start the car, checking for leaks.

Why does a 1988 Toyota Supra non-turbo start and then die and do the same if gas is sprayed directly into the throttle body after the fuel filter and fuel pump have been replaced?

Try replacing the fuel injectors. They are expensive but you may try RC injectors. is the site to go to. They were a cheaper alternative to me...Hope they can help you too.AnswerThere's a good chance your fuel injectors are bad. I had the same problem and had them replaced, starts and runs fine now. But, more then likely it wont be cheap, the injectors (OE ones) are around $180, good luck. AnswerOk I have an 87 Supra non-turbo and my car did the same thing. I came to find out that on the intake there is a valve with a wire hooked up to it. If this wire or cord I should say comes unplugged from this intake valve, then the car will crank and then die right after. Plug this back in and your car should run just fine.((((( your problem is one of 2 things. you have no fuel pressure feeding injector rail pump can be new but if there is no power feeding pump you have no pressure first check for crancking power to fuel pump. also check fuel pump relay also computer sends power to engage pump relay usually from cam or crank sensor. i never saw 6 electronic fuel injectors go bad at the same time check for fuel injector pulse signal going to injector you must unplug electrical plug to each injector go to auto zone and purchase a injector test light or what techs call a noid light plug in 1 injector at a time and have someone crank engine if noid ligt flash or pulses on or of the injector is receiving thetrigger to open the valve in the injector and send fuel to that cylinder if you have no injector pulse check every fuse in car for open circuit if all good scan computer for bad cam or crank sensor test relay then stat test fuel pum by temporarolly running fused power wires to pump sounds like pump is not activating, test fuel pressure while cranking if no pressure fix pump curcuit good luck

Will a bad thermostat cause a car to die and not start back up?

Not usually. But it will cause it to overheat. What kind of car?

Why does your car die when you press on the gas?

lack of fuel check fuel pump pressure and air filter

What would cause an engine to die every time a car stops?

Could be fuel or electrical problem. Does the car start and run okay the first time you start it? Does the engine run smoothly under load?

What would cause a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee to just die while driving down the road?

Either no spark at spark plugs or no fuel getting to engine. Your job is to find out which one and why. First thing I'd look at is fuel. Your car is fuel injected and a loss of fuel pressure due to a bad fuel pump or blown fuse cause it to stop running instantly.

What cause the engine to die when you press on the accelerator but it can idle?

Incorrect fuel pressure. Plugged fuel filter.

Can the wrong coolant cause your car to stall and die?


How do you remove a fuel injector from a 1997 Hyundai Elantra 4 cylinder?

Firstly, start the engine and then remove the fuel pump relay and let the vehicle die (make sure to turn the key off). This will depressurize the fuel rail. Next remove the fuel supply line, return line, pressure regulator vaccum line and injector harness. Unbolt the two bolts securing the fuel rail and pull rail/injectors from intake manifold. Remove the clip securing injector to rail and pull the injector. Note make sure you were safety glasses when breaking open the fuel lines, pressure may still exist in rail. Also make sure system is closed before inserting relay and turning ignition switch on, otherwise fuel will gush.

Why would a car just die while driving?

Fuel supply problem, possible plugged fuel filter or fuel pump failure..

Why does your 96 metro die?

Fuel injector... At least that's why MY '96 Metro dies.. It's been fixed now of course and I've had no more problems

How many people die on car crashes each year cause by cell phones?

How many people die in car crashes each year cause by cell phones?

Why would your car want to shut off making a sharp left hand turn only?

If your somewhat low on gas the turn could cause the gas in the tank to move away from the fuel line/pump causing your car to die because it is no longer getting fuel. Fill your tank.