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Yes. If the relay has aged the holding coil could become week or intermittent. However, it is more likely that you have a loose connection in the relay control circuit or the contacts on the relay are worn. Also check the wires going to the inertial fuel cutoff switch. This could also be a source of strange behavior. The fuel pump or it power circuit could also be the problem. Good luck!

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Q: Can the fuel pump relay prevent the fuel pump from running constantly like it should?
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Can the fuel pump relay cause the pump not to pump gas?

Yes, a defective relay will prevent the pump from running.

What do you do to make the fan stop constantly running after the car is off?

Sounds like a bad relay. Have a friend, or shp check it for you.

Why does the fuel pump run constantly when engine is not running on my 1992 mustang gt?

Fuel pump relay is stuck. Replace it.

Why does the fuel pump on a 1988 F-250 with a 351w run constantly with the engine not running and the key is OFF?

Relay is stuck.

Had to pull abs fuse from my 1999 dodge durango due to the abs pump running constantly- why is it running even with keys out of truck?

A bad abs relay would cause this.

Are there any fuses that might prevent the fuel pump from running in a 91 camaro rs?

Yes,, the fuel pump fuse and also the fuel pump relay. Both should be under the hood.

Why do running lamps stay on constantly on 1995 tercel?

There is a relay for the lamps. It's either shorted out or there may be a bad fuse causing this problem also.

How do you disconnect the daytime running lights on a 2001 Chevy van?

there is a relay under the hood that should disconnect the daytime running lights

Why does the fuel pump on a 91 Ford F-250 with a 5.0 engine run constantly with the engine not running but the key is in the on position.?

Fuel pressure regulator, or a stuck relay.

Will a bad relay prevent a dodge ram 1500 from starting?

Depends on which relay, some can. The asd relay can, the wiper relay can't.

Why do my turn signals stay on constantly with no flash?

change the flasher relay

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