Can the full version of minecraft pocket edition play with users using the lite edition on the ios systems?

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Yes they can. It is very glitchy using any multiplayer on iOS or android though, and in my experience you get kicked off numerous times due to crashing. Also, I'm pretty sure that the owner of the full version has to host.
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What is Minecraft pocket edition?

Minecraft pocket edition is Minecraft available for the Sony Xperia Play and Android. It is soon going to be available for iOS or iPhone, and iPod Touch.

When will Minecraft Pocket Edition be updated?

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming Minecraft - Pocket Edition updates, and with the promise of Survival being added to the hand-held port, players have been anxious to enhance their portable experience. Now, the wait for an update is drawing to a close - Carl tweeted only min ( Full Answer )

Are there diamonds in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

I have not seen any, and have made several mines and haven't found any. New answer: YES THERE IS for seed type jpgaming and when u spawn keep digging down and down and down u will find diamonds i think around 7 trust me there are diamonds!

How do you play minecraft pocket edition?

You cannot craft but u can only use the blocks in your inventory. It is basically a minecraft planner. The only monster you may see is israphel, my brother and i have seen him before, he will not attack but will stare and is very fast. Hope this helped

What is a seed in minecraft pocket edition?

It is just the same as a seed would be on the desktop version. It tells the world generator a ransom number to generate a world with. The seed box lets you define that number. Letters and symbols get converted to numbers when they are being processed during world creation. So when you press F3 on th ( Full Answer )

Can you get Minecraft pocket edition on a computer?

YES... well sort of. . In a way... you can There is a program called Bluestacks App Player. Playing minecraft on it is a bit dodgy though as it is an android emulator not a MineCraft PE conversion for PC use. MineCraft PE doesn't support physical keyboard yet, so all is on screen controls. As you ( Full Answer )

How do you get skins in minecraft pocket edition lite?

I am very sorry to report that in the latest version of Minecraft pocket Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite skins are unavailable as are mods. However the Mojang team is planning to add both features in later updates of the games though possibly not the lite. I hope my answer helped. Oot:)

Can you make stuff in pocket edition lite on iPad in minecraft?

Of course, that's kind of the whole point of Minecraft. ;) You can built a variety of things in the Pocket Edition of Minecraft even known there's not as much resources as in Minecraft for PC and Xbox Edition. I hope this helped!

Where to get coal in minecraft pocket edition?

Like in the PC and Xbox versions, you can find coal in cave systems. Some usually at cave entrances. you can also keep digging down a 6 x 6 pit if you are too scared. also remember to craft ladders ^.^ . nonononono i have never found a cave system in minecraft pocket edition to get coal you can mak ( Full Answer )

Is herobrin in minecraft pocket edition?

No. Herobrine is a myth generated by fans and possibly the creator. Google it if you want to know more, but I am almost positive herobrine doesn't really exist. And if he does, hes probably not in the pocket edition yet. :D

Is there herobrine in minecraft pocket edition?

I think so , I'm doing further research about heroine.notch said he toke heroine out of the game but he didn't because notch didn't create herobine a bug did in the game so that's why notch can't pull herobine out of the game.

How do you smelt in minecraft pocket edition?

You make a furnace (which you can make with cobblestone) youalso need coal. Then you place it and put whatever you want tosmelt in the furnace and wait for it to finish.

Is there diamonds on Minecraft pocket edition?

yes there are, there just very rare. you need a iron pick ax to mine the following: coal(can be mined with any pick ax) ,red stone ore, gold ore, and diamonds

How do you get clay in minecraft pocket edition?

Community Answer 1 Dig under sand with a shovel and when you hit a block that lookslike sand but its hardes to dig, you have hit clay. Dig thoseblocks with a pickaxe then put them in the fernace to make bricks ___________________ Community Answer 2 Most of the time it is underwater but sometime ( Full Answer )

How do you eat in minecraft pocket edition?

You can only eat in survival if you lose a heart and this is how Ido it I go outside and point to the sky and It eats the food or youhave to look up without breaking blocks and eat the food.Hope thoshelped

How do you get oil in Minecraft pocket edition?

There is no oil in the Minecraft pocket edition, oil is not in Minecraft at all. In fact, it's only in mods. Mod's are things you can add into the game, you can add mods to your computer game, but not yet mobile. Mod=Modification

Howget Minecraft pocket edition?

Downloading Minecraft Pocket Edition is very easy. I do it on aniOs, so leave in the comments if you use a different device. Go tothe app store and search for minecraft. Download the first thingthat pops up. It is a paid app, just to let you know. It will takea little while to download, since it has ( Full Answer )

Can you craft in pocket edition minecraft?

Yes, but only in the full version. If you do not have a crafting table yet, there is a tab in your inventory that says "Craft". When you have a crafting table then you just tap it after you place it.