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You'll have to remove the hard drive from the laptop and connect it to another working computer, laptop or desktop PC.

You can use IDE adapter for laptop hard drives - for connecting it to a desktop computer.

You can use external USB enclosure for laptop hard drives for connecting it either to a desktop or laptop computer.

You'll find instructions for removing the hard drive in Dell service manuals, they are available for download from the Dell website.

Follow links for more information about IDE adapter and external USB enclosure.

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Can any files be recovered from a laptop with no hard drive?

If it has no hard drive, then where are the files you are trying to recover?

How do you make a windows xp bootable flash drive?

To make your flash drive boot windows XP simply install windows to your flash drive to do this insert flash drive into USB port on PC or laptop. Insert windows operating disc and install to said drive for where you inserted the flash drive. Once the install is complete remove the flash drive and turn off PC or laptop insert flash drive and boot PC or laptop and go to your Bios and change the boot sequence to the flash drive well it worked for me

How can one add Windows 98SE to a laptop that only has a floppy drive?

You would have to get a CD drive which fits in your laptop or get an external USB one which you can connect to it

How to Install Windows Vista in a laptop?

open CD drive insert windows vista disk and run it

How do you copy pictures from MacBook to windows laptop?

By far the easiest way would be to copy the pictures to a USB Thumb Drive then copy the pictures to the Windows laptop.

Why does windows 7 not allow the installation of removable drives?

It does - at least it does on my Toshiba laptop. I have an old laptop drive that I now use as an external back-up drive. Windows 7 recognises it as soon as I plug it into a USB port.

How do you install Windows XP on a laptop with no hard drive?

You can't; there's nothing to install it to.

How do you install Windows on the ASUS Eee laptop?

The Eee laptop lacks a CD / DVD rive. To install Windows on it, one needs to either plug an external drive into the USB port, or create an image of a hard drive with Windows already installed and use a cloning tool on a bootable USB drive to copy the image bit for bit to the Eee's hard drive.

How do you install windows 7 in mini laptop using usb in acer Intel atom?

Im pretty sure the only way to get windows 7 on a laptop with no cd drive is by purchasing it online.

How do you install Windows on a Toshiba Satellite t2130cs laptop that does not have a cd-rom drive?

get a external CD drive best buy

Where is Itunes library folder on laptop hard-drive?

On a Mac it is in the iTunes folder in the Music folder. On a Windows PC it is in the Music folder (or My Music inside My Documents on Windows 7).

How do you reprogram a laptop?

Unless you are a computer programmer, "reprogramming" is not what you want to do to your laptop. Look at the Related links below, for information on how to format your hard drive and install Windows.

What is inside a laptop?

If Mac: CD Reader, A-4 microchip, speakers, motherboard, hard drive Windows: Not Sure

Where is the default data storage space for windows update in an 8.1 64 bit system laptop?

The hard drive :/

How do you install a 80GB USB external hard drive on a Compaq laptop?

Assuming your Compaq laptop has a USB port or two, just plug in the new drive with the USB cable. It will show up as another drive, using the first available drive letter, in Windows Explorer (or equivalent).

Where should you sit your laptop?

Laptops should be put on a "Cooling Tray" or "Cooling Pad" as most people call it. If you do not wish to invest in a "Cooling Tray/Pad", do not set your laptop on a bed or carpet during use. A laptop, without a "Cooling Tray/Pad" should be on a desk or table at all times, so there is good ventilation. Failure to have ventilation can cause problems within the laptops hard drive. (Over heating) With a "Cooling Tray/Pad", a laptop may be placed anywhere, as long as the vents have space to maintain air flow to prevent over heating.

Can you upgrade 5400rpm hard drive to 7200rpm?

Yes. However, if in a laptop, you will have to make sure that the drive does not output too much heat. This could cause the computer to overheat and the drive to malfunction if the cooling system is not adequate.

How do you transfer pictures from a laptop to an external drive?

Drag from your pictures folder and drop onto the external drive. If you formatted the external drive on Windows you probably won't be able to do this because Windows uses a different file system than Mac OS X.

How could someone recover deleted files on a Windows laptop?

Recuva is a great tool that supports every type of Windows-installations down to Windows 98 and up to today. Windows files are actually not deleted when you delete them, only marked as deleted and then stored on the drive until another file needs to use its space. This way a file can be recovered even years after deletion if the harddrive isn't often used, but can also be lost in seconds if it's heavily used.

How do you put an sd card into a laptop?

put in a drive, then put the drive in laptop

If you chave a laptop that wont boot windows and wont boot Linux from the CD drive how do you boot it with Linux?

If you have a USB drive and your BIOS supports booting from a USB device then try that.

How can you prevent someone from reinstalling windows on your laptop?

Find a computer where you can add a password in the bios. Doing so, you can setup your bios to boot from hard drive first before booting from the DVD drive. No windows install DVD will be able to re install windows since the hard drive will boot first.Then, in windows, setup you account as admin and add a password for it if there is no password. Setup a guest account for other windows users. That's it.

Do you need extra software to drive a slave monitor from a laptop?

No. Windows 98 and later include the ability to use multiple displays by default.

Size of a hard drive on a laptop?

a laptop hard drive is small...much smaller than a desktop hard drive.

What is the Best window 7 laptop under 700?

DELL has laptops under $700 that run Windows 7. You can buy a Brand new Dell Inspiron 15.6 Laptop Windows 7 4GB 500GB Hard drive for $629 on eBay. I have a website that is focused on laptop computers under 300 dollars so I know they are available.