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Yes, as long as the policy is still in force. If the insured or owner of the policy is able to make changes to the policy (i.e. sign change form), it would probably be wise to have whoever the payor will be added to the policy. While your at it, make sure all the beneficaries (Primary and secondary) are up to date.

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Could paying the missed payments can help get the repossessed van back?

In MOST cases, if you pay the repo fees and catch up on your payments, you can get the car back. Sometimes, however, the bank will want you to pay the entire balance.

What is the capital one car pay catch up plan?

when you catch up on deliquent payments

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If you have reaffirmed your house in bankruptcy but then got behind again after being discharged what happens?

The borrower should contact the lender as soon as possible and try to find an equitable arrangement to catch up on missed payments. If the lender is not agreeable to such, foreclosure proceedings will likely be implemented.

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If your car is stolen can but your car payments are behind can you file a claim?

Yes, you can.If the insurance company does declare the vehicle to be a "total loss" after a short period, payment will be made by them for the value of the vehicle.However, the insurance company considers your bank as the "legal owner" and you as the "registered owner" as you both are owners of the car.Since you bank legally owns the car and has the title, they will insist on paying them first and if there's money left, they'll pay you.That's where your missed payments might catch up with you.

If you catch up on your payments on a vehicle will they take it out of repo status?

I would think so, but you need to talk to the people who hold your note.

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