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the outside liquid is not dangerous as it is just water but the liquid inside the glass floating balls are highly dangerous and toxic, and can contain acidic and corrosive liquids. if one of the liquids looks metal looking it will most likely be Mercury which is a dangerous liquid.

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YES - potentially damaging. An employee recently broke one of these and when clearing it up some of the liquid splashed in her eyes. This resulted in damage to her eyes and a number of trips to the hospital. She had to rest her eyes in a darkened room for a week or more. So be careful where you put this liquid.

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The liquid in such a thermometer is mercury, which can be extremely harmful to the human body if ingested. Even its vapor should be avoided. If mercury from any source is found to have been spilled in a room, proper recovery of this substance is important.

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Q: Can the liquid in a Galileo thermometer harm you if spilled?
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