Can the location of the Garden of Eden be identified accurately with satellite scanning using Genesis as basis?


Most probably not for three major reasons. Firstly, the landscape as described in Genesis does not give us enough detail to give is any geographical 'fix' on anything. Secondly, we have no maps of the 'old world' before the flood which severely restructured the surface of the planet. Thirdly, all trace of the Garden of Eden would have been destroyed in the worldwide flood and so even if we knew the rough location (which we don't) there would be no trace of it.

Given these factors, there is little or no likelihood that the Garden of Eden could in any manner be identified with satellites or anything else.


While the physical evidence and the reasons above make perfect sense that the ancient Garden of Eden location cannot be identified... a certain amount of biblical speculation "might" lend a clue. The "physical evidence," as it were, of the Bible.

That clue is plainly and simply: Jerusalem.

The Bible is a Middle Eastern book. Throughout the pages of this book, God's affinity and love for Jerusalem... and the fact that Jerusalem is the focal point of the Bible from which prophecy looks out upon the rest of the world may lend a certain amount of credibility to the speculative thought for Jerusalem's latitudinal and longitudinal location to be the original site of the Garden of Eden that God: "...planted eastward." (Gen.2:8)

One other thought presents itself in favor of this location. It's within the Garden where God planted the "Tree of Life" in the "midst" of it (Gen.2:9).

Prophecy reveals that when the "New Heaven and the New Earth are made... the HOLY CITY, "NEW JERUSALEM," will descend out of heaven... which will be the throne of the Father presently residing in the "third heaven" (II Cor.12:2)... and the "tabernacle of God" will be with men (Rev.21:3).

At the end of Revelation is a description of the New Jerusalem in which we are told:

"...he shewed me a pure river of Water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. IN THE MIDST of the street of it, and on either side of the river, THERE WAS THE TREE OF LIFE..." (Rev.22:1-2).

God removed the Tree of Life from its location in the midst of the Garden and from the earth... with the flood. A location that, until the flood, was hallowed ground protected by cherubim armed with swinging, flaming swords (Gen.3:22-24), to prevent anyone access to the Tree of Life.

So, a certain amount of biblical logic might dictate that the lat/long of present day Jerusalem might well have been the lat/long of the Garden God planted eastward in Eden... and that it will be the same latitude and longitude on the New Earth for the Holy City, New Jerusalem with the Tree of Life in the midst of it.