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How do you fix error code P0601 2001 Plymouth Neon?

P0601 : internal controller processor failureThe engine computer will need replaced.P0601 : internal controller processor failureThe engine computer will need replaced.

Why wont the playstation 3 controller work?

Is it a wired controller? Is it possible that there's a short in the wire. Wiggle the wire around a bit. At any point does the controller work again (even briefly)? If so, there's a short and the controller needs to be replaced. If it's a wireless controller, make sure the batteries are fresh. If so, there could be a signal problem.

How do you fix a ps2 controller?

Most controllers are replaced when no longer working and not fixed when broken. It is already a used controller and the cost to replace with another used controller is less than the time and labor spent to discover the problem and repair it.

Who replaced mac as the chairman of cherub?

Zara Asker, a former mission controller

How do you charge a PlayStation 3 controller?

Charging a PlayStation 3 controller is a lot simpler than you might think it is. With a PlayStation 3 comes a cord that plugs a controller into the system. Hook it up and your controller is already charging. If it is not, one of three things is happening: 1) The cord is broken or faulty. 2) The controller is broken or faulty, or the battery needs to be replaced. 3) The system is turned off. If you address all these problems and the controller is still not charging, contact Sony.

Your PS2 wireless controller is working on the left directional arrow?

PS2 controllers break and can be replaced. The market is loaded with used working PS2 controllers that should be purchased if your controller is not working perfect.

Who replaced mac as chairman of cherub?

Zara Asker, who was a mission controller before being the chairwoman.

How do you make my ps3 controller work?

Broken controllers should be replaced. If you connect your charging cable to the PS3 USB and the controller and it still will not work buy a new one. You should have more than one anyway

What do you do if you spilled water on a ps3 controller?

A method that has worked on some cell phones that have gotten wet is to put them in a bag of rice to absorb the water. Sometimes it works. Water and electronic devices do not get along well together and often the item must be replaced.

My PS3 controller suddenly is not working after letting family borrow it. Does not turn on or respond to anything beside lights flashing while plugged in to PS3 and pressing the PS home button.?

The PS# controller may need to be synced again. If not, it may need to be replaced.

4x4 doesn't work 2001 explorer?

Have you replaced the 4x4 controller module located on the passanger kick panel? Mine works again after replacing it!!

If you had a RC car and the controller broke would you be able to build a new one for the RC from scratch?

yes it can be replaced buy another one from the market

If you have replaced the mb CPU RAM and HD can you install a PCI IDE raid controller to recover data from your old raid formatted hard drives?


What is on a motherboard?

A motherboard contains several integrated components. Most motherboards will contain: * An IDE controller * A SATA controller (on newer motherboards) * A floppy controller (on older motherboards) * RAM sockets * Expansion slot(s) * The BIOS chip * Power connector * Processor socket / slot * Serial ports (phased out on some newer motherboards) * Parallel ports (phased out on some newer motherboards) Many motherboards will also integrate components that can also be replaced by an add-in card: * Graphics chipset * Network controller * Sound card * USB connectors * FireWire connectors * Dial-up modem * eSATA connector

81 corvette my lights don't go up or down what do I look for?

if the light panels in a 1981 Corvette no longer go up and down, look for a burned out fuse. This is an electronic part that is controlled by a fuse. They also have a small motor that might need to be replaced.

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 2004 Crown Victoria located?

I just replaced mine last weekend. The controller is $58 at ford. Skip your local auto parts store search. They won't have it. Facing the firewall: The controller is to the right of the A/C cooling tower. It's in the plastic shroud. Remove the inlet and return hoses to your heater core for easy access. Above that there is a round electrical device. Remove that too. 2 screws. 2 Screws hold the controller in place. It's an easy fix.

How do you check the heat and AC temperature control in a 2008 F150?

The temperature controller in your Ford vehicle controls the heat and air conditioning. You can check them by following the steps: 1) Open the fuse panel under the steering column and locate the fuse for the temperature controller. Use the fuse diagram to locate the temperature controller fuse and pull the temperature controller fuse using the fuse pullers in the fuse box. 2) Check the metal strip inside the fuse to make sure that it is not broken or burned. If it is burned or broken, you will need to replace the fuse with a new fuse of the same amperage. 3) Turn on the temperature controller's power. If the temperature control module does not start, then there is a problem with the controller and it will need to be replaced by a professional mechanic. The most common cause for temperature control failure is a short in the temperature controller's circuit board.

What is the function of IDE controller card?

An IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) is the controlling interface for the hard disc or optical drive (CD ROM etc.). The controller was integrated (hence the name) into the hard disc unit rather than being mounted on the computers motherboard. The first IDE units appeared in 1986 and has been replaced by the ATAPI (SATA) drives today.

Is the Xbox controller the same as the Xbox 360's?

No, on the 360 controler there is no White and Black buttons, they are replaced by two bumper buttons just above the triggers, much like the PS2 controler.

What were electronic computers replaced by?

nothing yet. you are using an electronic computer.

Where can a GameCube replacement controller be purchased?

Game Cube replacement controllers can be purchases directly from Nintendo company. They carry the older parts refurbished, new and used. Nintendo also has a repair service to fix and replace parts of the controllers that may be broken. A common problem with Nintendo controllers is that the cap on the unit breaks. Depending upon the controller that you have, the caps can be replaced with the part only costing approximately $2.99.

What modern electronic invention replaced the abacus and slide rule?

The electronic calculator.

Why won't a 1997 F-250 7.3 diesel start when the wait to start light doesn't come on it turns over but won't fire and the glow plug relay has been replaced?

AnswerMay be one or more glow plugs are bad. you may also want to check the controller. it tells the relay how long to stay on. Your glow plugs don't stay on all the time. If your wait to start light doesn't stay on very long, then your controller is telling the relay to turn off. If the light isn't coming on at all then i would definetely check the controller. First check the 50amp fuse in the under hood block.

How do you turn a usb 1.0 to 2.0 on laptop?

This is not possible. The speed of the USB controller is based on its complex chipset, which cannot be feasibly replaced. If you want USB 2.0 ports on your laptop, you will need to purchase a PC Card with a USB hub.

Is the SAM located on the domain controller?

Yes its is located but replaced by another Smaller SAM database SAM Accounts on a Windows 2000 Server That Becomes a Domain Controller When you install Active Directory on a computer that is running Windows 2000 Server to create a domain controller, you can either create a new domain or configure the domain controller to contain a copy of an existing domain. In both cases, the existing registry key that contains the SAM database is deleted and is replaced by a new, smaller SAM database. The security principals in this database are used only when the server is started in Directory Services Restore Mode. The disposition of the security principals in the SAM database on the server is different in each case, as follows: If you create an additional domain controller in an existing domain, the security accounts in the existing SAM database on the server are deleted. The accounts from the existing domain are replicated to Active Directory on the new domain controller. If you create a new domain, the security accounts in the existing SAM database are preserved as follows: User accounts become user objects in Active Directory. Local groups in the account domain become group objects in Active Directory. The group type indicates a local group. Built-in local groups become group objects in Active Directory. The group type indicates a built-in local group. These groups retain their constant SIDs and are stored in the Builtin container.