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If two people are married and share a child, they both have equal custody rights to the child unless declared otherwise by a court.


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Mary is mother and Joseph his step-father who had married His mother.

In most cases, your sister's mother is also your mother, and her husband is your father. If you and your baby sister have the same father but different mothers, your sister's mother's father is your father. If you and you sister have the same mother but different fathers, your baby sister's father is your step-father if he is married to your mother.

It is simple. You have to get licitly married. This is the only way per all God religions. The only other solution is to adopt a baby who has no recognized mother and father.

the father and mother get divorce and mother fight father so he doesnt see the baby

The father still has rights but is not entitled to see the baby whenever he wants to as he left the mother to raise the baby by herself she can choose how, when and why she does or does not want the father to be in cotact.

Yes. A father has no automatic right to their child (unfortunately) unless the parents are married.

Even if the father's name is on the birth certificate, and is living with the mother, except in Arizona.

Yes because it doesent really matter because after you have a baby you have to pay no matter what you understand

there is no legal issue surrounding baby names. The mother OR father can choose, it doesn't really matter

Yes. The mother has to be OO And the father can be either AA or AO So the mother can give one of her O's to the baby and the father can give his O to the baby making it an OO.

baby lyssa chapman still married

the mother and father of the baby

Married or not. If not married, No. If married, father is assumed by law to be the father of the baby.

Can a-mother and o+ father have ab+ baby

Yes, he is still the father. If you were married to the boyfriend and he adopted the baby you would still have to get the father to sign away his rights.

the baby giraffe is closer to the mother because after mating the father leaves

Your baby brother's mother and father did.

No he is not married , but he is the father of a baby boy.

If the baby is still in the womb as I am assuming from your question then it is not possible. The mother would have to be infected in order to pass the syphilis infection onto the baby. Now if the baby is born and the father or mother has a syphilitic sore anywhere on his or her body and that sore touches the baby---The Treponema pallidum (the agent that causes syphilis) can burrow into the skin where it touched the baby causing the baby to be infected....

If the father signed the birth certificate, then the mother will have to go to family court to obtain sole custody of the child, whether or not the case will be contested.

He has both but his father abandoned him when he was a baby so he is left with his mother.

As unfortunate as this may be it is possible for the father to get custody of the baby, but not full custody unless the mother is proven unfit. Because reguardless of what happened between the couple the father is still the father of the child, and the father still has his rights as a father to be a part of his child's life.

If the mother and father are both type O, the baby cannot be type AB.

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