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the newer 98-99 head possibly (with modification) Ecotech head.. no.

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Is there a game were you can control the Pokemon?

Assuming that you want a game where you battle Pokemon head-to-head, try Pokemon Stadium. I used to play the one for Nintendo 64, but there are newer versions for the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii.

Is the GM Ecotec 4 related in any way to the GM Quad 4?

The quad 4 is the predecessor to the GM Ecotec which replaced it and is GM's global 4-cylinder and is used in all GM lines, Saturn, Opel,Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Daewoo.

How can you tell if your old car got a newer used engine in the past?


What is the acronym used to describe the technology used in newer flat screen computer monitors?


Why refresh button used in computer?

so you can retrieve newer information

Why was the head crusher used in the Medieval?

it was used for crushing a head chancellor

What type of connector is typically used when connecting a joystick to a newer computer?


How many gases inside a car?

A partial answer:Trapped or used as gasses there will be air in the tires, Refrigerant known as the slang term Freon, Nitrogen in shock absorbers and some trunk and hood lift struts. Some of the newer cars have Xenon gas used in the head lights.

How do you use stock mechanical tachometer with newer hei ignition?

You don't. A mechanical tachometer can only be used with a tach drive distributor. Every automotive parts retailer offers tachometers that can be used with the newer hei ignition.

What kind of noun is the word head?

The noun head is a common noun when used for the head of a person, animal, or a physical place or thing such as the head of a pin. Head is an abstract noun when used for someone or something that is leading or in front, such as 'head of the class', 'head of the company', or the 'head of the campaign'.

What country used the head crusher?

The Venetian's used the head crusher circa 1500 - 1700.

What is a head gasket used for on a 1999 Ford Expedition?

The head gasket is used to seal between the engine cylinder head and the engine block

What is the difference between technology in head and technology of head?

Technology in head is to be used wisely

Does your mac book have a built in webcam that can be used for Skye?

Yes, the newer Apple laptops have built in iSight and can be easily used with Skype.

What is the average price of a used ambulance gurney?

If it is in good shape and not the newer electric models, $1500.00

What is the body parts of eagle use in getting food?

# the beak is used for hunting it is almost as long as the eagle's head # the beak is used for hunting it is almost as long as the eagle's head # the beak is used for hunting it is almost as long as the eagle's head # the beak is used for hunting it is almost as long as the eagle's head # the beak is used for hunting it is almost as long as the eagle's head

What can I expect to get for my used cell phone?

Depending on what type of phone you have it might be better to trade in your old phone for a newer model. Most telephone or cell companies offer the trade in to upgrade to a newer model.

What is a compression tester used for and how is it constructed?

The most common use for a compression tester would be to check the compression in the cylinder of an engine. It will tell you whether there is a problem with your rings, blown head gasket, or perhaps a cracked cylinder head. Older compression testers use a diaphragm or spring for resistance to measure the pressure, but there may be newer ones that are constructed differently.

If you recently bought a used car and want to trade it in along with another used car for a newer car has this been done before?


What age is head tilt not used in CPR?

Head tilt chin lift is used for adults, children and infants.

Can calamine lotion be used on the head and hair?

on the head yes on the hair no

What is the meaning of head in hydraulics?

head is the term used for energy in hydraulics

What was the device used to connect two ships together in ancient Rome?

The Romans used the corvus, a boarding bridge. Later on they used the harpax, a newer version of the corvus.

What type of freon can a 2003 Saturn Ion use?

All of the newer vehicles used 134A refrigerant.

What is a bmx cassette?

It drives the rear wheel. Used on newer/more expensive bikes instead of a freewheel.