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Can the number (1)? plug wire be put in any position on a distributor if it is set at top dead center on new motor. Many will say no, BUT early model it was possible. If you are setting up an old points, early HEI or electronic (fomoco mopar) CARBURATED it can be done. IF you are working on a TFI or MPI NO. The spark AND injectors have to be in sync, they MUST be set up to manufacturers specs.


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mark position of old distributor on motor and on old dist, also mark position of rotor. Remove old distributor, mark the position on new distributor, move rotor to the marked position, drop in

the cam shaft position sensor is located in the front of the motor on a 5.0 it is in the place of where the distributor was on older models it should be about center in the front

#1 on the distributor cap of a Dodge 360 faces to the front - inline with the center of the engine ( according to the picture in my Chilton repair manual )

Crank motor over until number 1 piston is all the way up on compression stroke, the distributor with rotor bug, if installed correctly, will be pointing toward number 1 post.

The marked # 1 position on the distributor cap faces to the rear and slightly towards the drivers side

its located in the distributor at the back of the motor.

That truck still has a distributor, it doesn't have a crank position sensor.

the rotor should be pointing towards the number one plug position on the distributor cap, and the engine should be on compression stroke. If its not the motor will be 180 degrees out

It could be any one of the contacts. When the distributor was put in, depending on what type of motor it is, number one could be anywhere. You will need to bring number one cylinder to top dead center on the compression stroke and see where the rotor is pointing. That will be number one and set the rest of the plugs from that.

The distributor cap order for a Chevy 283 varies depending on the year of the motor. A 1975 to 1991 has the number one cylinder at the top just to the left of center. The 1967 to 1974 distributor has the number one cylinder at the top just to the right of center. The firing order is 1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 2.

in the distributor located on top rear of motor

On the 2.8 / 2.9 / 3.0 the number 1 position on the distributor cap is at the back , towards the firewall and towards the passenger side of the motor

The 3A has a mechanical distributor (points) and the 3AC has an "electronic" distributor.

like any other engine turn the engine until the number one piston is top dead center and then install the distributor where the rotor button is on the plug wire for number one cylinder it should start there and final adjust by twisting distributor until running smooth

The camshaft position sensor for a Mercury Mystique is located on top of the motor. It is bolted in the same place where older versions of the engine had a distributor.

You need to manually rotate the engine and set the number one cylinder at Top Dead Center (TDC) before re-insalling the distributor. Hopefully, you made a mark on the distributor that relates its position to the engine in orde to re-install it as it was. If you forgot to make a mark, try to remember in which direction the rotor was pointing before you removed the distributor (assuming the engine was at TDC) and re-install it as close as you can. At TDC, the rotor normally points toward the number one spark plug wire post. Follow the firing order sequence from there.

Number one is the front of the engine, drivers side. But you need to time the motor from no. 8.

No distributor , Coil On Plug ( C.O.P. ) ignition system

No, that engine does not have a distributor.

there is no distrobutor on a GTE only a GE motor the GTE is coil/ignitor ingnition

You need to turn the motor so the first piston is at top of the cylinder to remove the distributor.

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