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If what you mean is can back owed child support payments be discharged in bankruptcy: NO. Regardless of how old the child is now. on the other hand if you mean to be included in the repayment schedule for a chapter 13 then yes. Child support arrearages can sometimes be included in bankruptcy. This pertains to arrearages only and not to current support due. A bankruptcy petition cannot override a court order of support and if arrearages are allowed to be included in a 13 the arrearages must be paid in full, not a percentage thereof, as is possible with unsecured creditors.

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Q: Can the obligated parent discharge child support arrearages in a bankruptcy once the child reaches the age of 18?
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Is there a statute of limitations on child support arrearage in Missouri?

Ten years from the time the child support order became valid Example: If the support order was issued when the child was one years old and the biological father was not immediately served with the order he would be obligated to pay a maximum of l0 years arrearages and the continuing years until the child reaches the age designated in the order. If the order became valid when the child was, 16 the obligated parent would have to pay ten years of arrearages as opposed to 16.

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Is there a statute of limitations on collecting child support?

Some states do not have any SOL's on child support when a court order is in affect and a state's deparatment of social or family issues is involved. Other states have statutes that specify SOL on child support by the years that are affected. Example: In MO. child support arrearages are recoverable if an order is in place and not more than 10 years has expired from each birthday. For a 1-year-old arrearages are collectible before the child reaches ll, 2-year-old until 12 and so forth. The legal age of majority for MO. is 18 therefore it is conceivable that arrearages could be collected until the person in question reaches the age of 28. All such laws in any state depend upon there being a valid child support in affect and the individual circumstances.

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