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Can the outfielders play on the infield dirt in little league?

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no your are only allowed 6 players in infield

2007-06-22 03:48:43
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Q: Can the outfielders play on the infield dirt in little league?
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What is an infield in softball?

An infield in softball is the dirt part of the field. It is where the pitcher, catcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, and shortstop play. The infield in softball is the same as the infield in baseball, except a softball infield is typically all dirt, while a baseball infield is all grass except for the base paths.

Where can you buy baseball infield dirt?

atlanta georgia

What is considered the infield in baseball?

The skinned (dirt ) portion of the field.

What were the early rules of softball?

the infield is made of dirt and the outfield is grass

You have dirt from fenway infield where can you purchase a display case for this dirt?

purchase a laminated brown paper bag from your local tit dirt dealer

What kind of dirt is used in a Major League baseball infield?

The "dirt" we see isn't really what I would call dirt. A baseball infield is made up of a special mixture of sand, silt, and clay. (Silt is a natural material halfway between sand and clay as far as particle size is concerned.) There doesn't seem to be any one central source and depends more of the likings of the local groundskeepers. At Fenway Park, they mix in some ground up kitty-litter type stuff to give the infield "dirt" a redder color. Our local AA minor league park has artificial "dirt" made up of ground up automobile tires. Low maintenance and good drainage were what they were looking for around here!

What is baseball played on?

baseball is played on a dirt or grass infield with dirt baselines and a solid grass outfield Left Field Phenom

How far is the infield dirt to the outfield grass in a MLB stadium?

It comes right up to it.

How do you prepare a baseball field?

Mow the grass, rake the dirt, chalk the foul lines and batter's box, and wet down the infield dirt.

Why are baseballs replaced when they hit the ground on the way to the catcher in MLB but not when they hit the infield dirt?

this is a false question...

How far is the edge of grass away from the foul line on a little league field?

The only part of the field that is "regulation" is the actual infield itself. The bases, home plate, batter's boxes, and pitcher's mound are always in the same location and the same dimensions depending on which league the field is made for. Some infields are designed with grass, some are all dirt, and some are all grass with dirt base paths, pitcher's mound (and sometimes pitching path). There is no regulation as to how far away the grass has to be from the foul line.

What kind of dirt do baseball teams use on the infield?

Beam Clay,Diamond Pro,Profile...just to name a few.

What is a softball fields infield made out of?

dirt Sand && gravel. Some feilds have more clay in infeild than others.

What is the area of the infield of a Major League Baseball field?

If you are talking about the area bounded by the base lines, its 8,100 square feet (90 x 90). But if you're talking about the area bounded by the outside edge of the dirt, this can vary from field to field.

Why does the ball get handed to the umpire when it hits the dirt at homebase and not when the ball gets hit and hits the dirt in the infield?

The ball gets handed to the umpire once it hits the dirt and not in the instance of the baseball hitting the dirt in the field is up to the Home Plate Umpire's discretion however Pitchers have the rights to request a new baseball provided it becomes too dirty to get a grip on. Pitchers will like the dirt on the ball because it will be able to move more however the opposing team and Umpires will find this an unfair advantage which is the reason in which baseballs will usually be tossed out of play to the umpire but it doesn't always happen in the event of a batted ball hitting the infield dirt.

Do cats eat dirt?

Cats do not eat dirt. However, cats do eat grass to regulate their digestive systems. Doing so they may get a little dirt into their system, but that does no harm. A little dirt does nothing.

Can you wear a soccer cleat for baseball?

Sure. But to get the most out of cleats you should probably wear baseball. there will probably be less traction while digging into the dirt on the infield

What is a Major league on deck circle made of?


Why do they call a touchdown in the NFL pay dirt?

the saying came about from the the shared multi sport feilds where the one endzone would be the infield of a local baseball team so many times scoring on one side of the field left you in the dirt

Why do they water down the infield before a baseball game?

Basically it keeps the infield dirt a bit softer and most importantly it eliminates dust clouds when sliding, etc. Think about rec fields, they're not watered before games - or even at all - and they get to be as hard as concrete and quite dusty.

What is the game softball?

softball is like baseball. it uses a bigger ball, metal bat, and the infield is made out of dirt not grass. there r other small differences too

What brand of dirt are used in Major League Baseball?


What is an outfield in softball?

The outfield is the grass area, outside the infield (which is the dirt area & where the bases are). There are three players who play in the outfield: left field, right field, and center field.

Why do umpires in baseball toss the ball away when it hits the dirt around home plate but not when the ball gets hit and hits the dirt in the infield?

Its usually done cause the catcher ask for a ball change. He feels his pitcher didn't have a good feel with the ball.

Is a baseball grass infield safer than a dirt one?

That is a question that I have been looking at for a while. I have found that it does slow the ball down but not 100% sure it make it safer. I have seen only 1 Major League park that the only DIRT on the field is around each base, Home, and the pitchers mound, Minnesota Twins. It looks nicer and would reduce maintenance cost. We are looking at doing that as our fields hold water and makes mud on the dirt areas, so it would help us to get our games on faster.