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No. There is a general misconception about the granting and application of restraining orders or protective orders. Before a judge in any US state will issue such an order it must be proven that the named person has committed a physical act of violence or has the potential of doing so. In some situations the judge will issue a "no contact" order, but only under specific circumstances and for a short not lengthy or permanent time period. The courts prefer to leave such matters to the parents, rather than allowing the parents to use the law to replace their responsibility to discipline and control their minor children.

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no that's too much of an age gap

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Can a employer fire you after finding out you have a restraining order against an ex-girlfriend?

No, they can not. That would be Unfair Termination. You have not done anything criminally wrong. A Restraining order is to protect you.

Can my girlfriends mom get a restraining order against me and my girlfriend even know i am younger than my girlfriend?

Yes. Your g/f's mom is her legal guardian and can get a restraining order against your regardless of your age. If you violate the restraining order both you and you parents will be legally liable.

What do you do with a clingy girlfriend that doesn't get the meaning of 'it's time to move on'?

a restraining order ;}

Can you get a restraining order against girlfriend?

Yes. You can get this type of order against anyone as long as you can prove the order is needed.

Can parents of a 15 year old put a restraining order on his ex girlfriend who is 17 for being his friend after they break up?

Not for that

What will the two things someone can do when their boyfriend or girlfriend is capable of domestic violence harassment and stalking?

A break-up and a restraining order.

You Have a question about a restraining order you think you have a restraining order against you that was filed behind your back no one has told you why it is in place How do you get it removed?

can i get a temp restraining order if my girlfriend let her adult son visit for a lengthy time he has in the past asualted me he has recently verbaly threatened me can i get a temporary restraing order the apartment is in my name and hers not his

What is a sentence for restraining?

I have a restraining order against him.Why are the police restraining him?

What does intimate partner mean relative to the brady handgun violence protection act and a restraining order?

Bascially, it means wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend, or girlfriend/girlfriend or boyfriend/boyfriend. Someone with whom you are, or have been, intimate (i.e.: shared sex) with.

Do you call it harassment calling your husband's girlfriend and can she file restraining order againts you just by calling and called her a Bitch?

Just calling her "the b-word"--no, that is not sufficient to have a restraining order granted. But she can still file papers and make you go to trial.

If you are on probation and your girlfriend gets a restraining order against you is this a violation?

Talk with your probation officer or judge. You need to understand the legal grounds of this matter.

Can the parent of an 18 year old put a restraining order on the 18 year olds girlfriend or have any say in their relationship?

other than keep the girl out of the house there's not much they can do unless the guy wants the restraining order but most likely no they can't

How do you get your ex-abusive girlfriend to leave your house?

If it is your house and in your name, call the police and have her removed. Get a restraining order against her so she cannot return.

Can the parents of a 14-year-old file a restraining order against his 18-year-old girlfriend?


What does restraining mean?

Restraining means to hold back or to hold firmly. A seat belt is a restraining device.

What should you do about a psycho ex-girlfriend?

Well, your actions will depend on what she's doing. Does she stalk you? Does she call non-stop? You can simply choose to avoid her at all cost or get a restraining order. If it gets bad, call the police.

How do you get a restraining order removed?

How do you get a restraining order removed?

ihave a disrespectful and very defiant 15yearold daughter do you have a school in your area that she can attend?

It depends on where you are; call your daughter's high school and ask for their advice.

What should you do if you try breaking up with your bf after 2 years and he says he doesn't care what you think to him you'll still be his girlfriend?

You get a restraining order. Maybe then he will get the message.

Can a spouse keep your kids away from a girlfriend as part of a divorce settlement?

Yes, if she goes through the court system first. It's called a restraining order.

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