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Anything is possible. Call your local county court house and ask the clerk of the court for help with this question. == Rights of Pregnant Minors = No. A pregnant minor has the same legal rights in such an matter as does an adult female. She cannot be forced to have an abortion, place the child for adoption or sign over her parental rights unless a court rules otherwise. In some states the parents of a minor may request a hearing concerning custodial issues of their minor daughter's child after the child is born. A judge cannot order a minor to place her child for adoption, obtain an abortion or relinquish parental rights, but can appoint a temporary custodian or guardian for the minor and her child. If the issue becomes one of the court, the judge will also appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the minor in all legal matters concerning her pregnancy and parental rights. If the minor needs assistance she can contact the state's division of children and family services or if she prefers, Birthright, 1-800-550-4900, Planned Parenthood, 1-800-230-7526, http;//

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If you have parents can you be adopted by someone else?

if your parents sign custody off to the other people

Was Kevin Rudd adopted?

Yes, his mother was a whore, and his dad was a wife basher. He was adopted out after being removed from his parents custody by Children's Services.

Can an adopted child choose to live with their biological parent instead of their adoptive parents?

Once a person is adopted, all legal rights between the biological parents and their child are severed. An adopted child has no legal right to choose to live with their biological parents. The adoptive parents could informally agree to allow the biological parents to have custody of the child but there can be all kinds of legal ramifications that flow from that, especially if the biological parents do not want to give the child back and the adoptive parents want physical custody back.

Do you still pay child support if a child is removed from your custody and then adopted out?

If the child is in foster care you pay but not if the child is adopted. Then the child have new parents who are responsible for him/her.

If a doctor has a patient who is 14 and pregnant how to they notify parents?

The best way to handle it for the girl, and the parents, would be to have a talk with her first, and if she chooses not to tell her parents, then it is your responsibility to notify the parents ASAP.

Getting custody of my son from my parents how can i?

YOUR SON. the only thing that makes an adopted child different is their blood. which means nothing.

Can temporary custody be granted for an adopted child?

If the child was adopted legally by both parents, then the child becomes subject to any actions that might be taken had they been a 'natural' child.

Can 16 yr pregnant girl have boyfriends parents file custody against her mom?

If you're in the US... No judge in any state is going to custody of a minor to the parent of her boyfriend, and especially a boyfriend who got her pregnant.

Can you move in with your boyfriends family at 15 and not be pregnant?

not without your parents permission, but if they do, they should lose custody rights.

Can grandparents take custody of pregnant teens child in north carolina?

If the baby's parents agree to it.Another View: To gain LEGAL custody: onlyif the grandparents petition the court for the childs custody and the court awards it to them.

Do people who are adopted have the legal right to know who their biological parents are?

it all depends on what kind of adoption it was.. open adoption means that birth parents have a right to search for their kids and kids have a right to search for their parents. but if its a closed or private adoption it means that some one (birth parents or adopted parents) don't want the child to find their birth parents... for that you would have to speak to a social worker or some one who is involved in the legal custody and adopted children...

If a teen age girl of 17 is pregnant and the father of the child is 18 can the fathers parents take the baby form the mother?

If you live in the US... The father's parents have no rights to custody at all. The father has the right to petition for custody, but he won't be given sole custody unless he can prove the mother unfit. He might, however, be given joint custody.

Is zuri from Jessie adopted?

Yes zuri is adopted at birth from from Africa her real parents left her abonded at an adoption center christna. Ross found her and adopted her Zuris real parents are going to appear in an episode and what her back, but they will win thier custody battle no further is said. Sources: editors of Jessie and Disney Channel

Who has child custody in divorce when their is no custody set?

The parents have assumed joint custody.

Does the pregnant minor have custody of the child when it's born or do the parents' of the minor have custody?

My name is Kristen, I live in Alabama, I had my son on July 22, 2009 and i do have custody of my child. Idk bout where anywhere else but I know that here that's how it is.

You and your girlfriend are both 16 she is pregnant and you want to get married both her and your parents agree with it but do you have to worry about her not being under her parents full custody will?

no u dont once she has permission of 1

Who has custody of the child when the parents are married?

Married parents have equal parental rights. They share legal custody.

Who were Douglas Mawsons adopted parents?

He was not adopted.

In Pennsylvania can you move out of state with joint custody?

Joint custody is a court order whereby custody of a child is awarded to both parties. In joint custody both parents are "custodial parents" and neither parent is a non-custodial parents, or in other words the child has two custodial parents.

How does a pregnant minor get emancipated in Virginia at age sixteen?

nope, i found this out the hard way. so your child is your parents custody till your 18.

Is it a law that if your pregnant and under-aged that the mother parents have full custody of the baby?

That's selective according to individual state laws

Do you have to pay child support if you give your children up for adoption?

Yes, until they are adopted. If they have to be in foster care first you have to pay. Once adopted the child becomes the adoptive parents child in every way, including financial obligations like child support if the parents were to divorce and have custody agreements.

Who has custody of a child?

their parents

Do siblings have custody rights if mother dies?

No. This is the hirearchy in the usual situation for custody rights for a minor (child under 18 years of age), but there are exceptions (abusive family, etc.) Parents The Parents immediate family (excepting children) Adopted Guardians, or a sibling over the age of 18 See: Discussion page.

What constitutes the right to have full custody of a child?

Understanding your use of constitute to mean what createsthe right to have full custody of a child:Two people who are legally married are considered by law the parents of a child born or adopted within the marriage.An unmarried mother has full custody of her child until the father has established his paternity legally and obtained custody via a court order.Legal adoption creates the right to have full custody of a child.In other cases not involving parents, custody is obtained via a court order. Guardianship is an example.

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