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Can the people shake the government?


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February 19, 2009 7:33AM

yes. yes you can shake it dramitcally like a fresh squeezed smoothie. Many countries especially India, which is the largest democracy in the world has the capability to do so. The Indian people have always been united and revolt against injustice though many social evils exist in the country.

- Angelina, Canada

"Democracy" Itself means "rule of the people". So it will really be foolish 2 say that people can't shake the government.

- Abhishek, India

All countries hav accepted the democratic form of government. It is because that the people revolted against the monarchial and heirchial rule. There r many indicidents in history which can prove the point.

- Ashwin, India

Now as all people are educated, they hav becum aware of their rights and duties. They now understand what is good and what is bad for them......So, i can say that the people can surely shake the government

- Rob, Russia

Mumbai is the financial hub of mumbai...... It is estimated tha if mumbai goes on strike for half a day, the Indian government loses around 500 crores of rupees. This is the reason why the Indian government tries its level best to fulfil the needs of mumbaikars.......


This is a one sided question which has only one answer that is "yes". If the people can't shake the government, then why do you think voting takes place?????

- Ali Asghar, Lahore

According to me, the people can surely shake the government......... - Zhang Zin, China