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What they can do is file suit to reclaim the money. Their case is stronger with written proof such as an IOU, but a verbal agreement is also legally binding. If you owe someone money, work out a payment schedule and do the right thing.

2006-07-24 13:27:22
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Q: Can the person or people you owe money to file a judgment or lien against you even if they don't have any documents to prove you owe them?
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How do you get a garnishment order?

You have to get a judgment against the person in court first.

We have a small claims judgment against a person and that person dies how do we collect?


Can a judgment take your tax refund?

No. But a person with a judgment against you may be able to intercept or garnish your tax refund.

A creditor won a judgment against me and the estate of my marriage for a debt incurred prior to my marriage can my husband's wages be garnished to collect on this judgment?

If the husband was not liable for the debt, then his wages cannot be garnished to collect on the judgment. The judgment is against the person who incurred the debt.

How do you locate a person in Utah if you desire to garnish their wages?

Do you have judgment against the debtor?

Can a person file a judgment against you in Panama City Panama?

If they have cause, yes.

How do you file a personal lien in Ohio?

You go to court and get a judgment against the person. Then you can file a lien against their property.

Can you remove unpaid judgment against you after pay the money?

The person to whom you owe the money would need to file a document with the courts notifying them the judgment was satisfied. I would then suggest that you keep copies of these documents also since old debts some times have a bad habit of popping back up.

You won a judgment in court can you go after a car if it is in her and husbands name if judgment is only against one person?

provided they married in community of property (what is hers is his)

If a civil suit judgment is against the husband is the wife liable for any of the payment?

A civil suit judgment is against the person who is named in the lawsuit. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the wife would not be liable for the payment.

If the person dies with a judgment against him are his heirs responsible for the debt?

It will come from the deceased person's estate.

Can a person put a lien on the other person house?

Generally, a person can record a lien against the property of another only after obtaining a court judgment.

A person has a judgment against me and now that person has died is the judgment voided?

It obviously depends on what the judgment was for, and may depend on your particular state laws. Money judgments usually become assets of the estate of the deceased, and the executor or administrator of the estate will have to pursue, abandon or compromise the claim.

What is a judgment in personal finance?

When a person is taken to civil court (for example, a credit card company suing a cardholder to get paid back), the court makes a judgment for or against the plaintiff (entity initiating the lawsuit, in this example, the credit card company). If the judgment is for the plaintiff, the result is effectively a judgment against the defendant (the person taken to court in the example). Part of the judgment is the amount that is to be paid to the entity winning the court case (judgment). Judgements against a borrower (and the amount set to be paid by that borrower) will make their way onto the credit report and will cause a drop in credit score.

How can you dispute a bankruptcy which was filed immediately after you got a 10500 judgment against that person?

you can request for a relief from judgment or wait to object to the debtor's discharge if I am not mistaken ...Augusta,ga

What exactly is a judgment against you?

Someone has sued you in court and won. The court will issue a judgment lien that the person can use to seize any of your property to pay the amount due.

Will a judgment affect a spouse?

A judgment against one partner has the potential to affect both parties. The person who placed the judgment can have wages garnished, place a lien on your home or get a court order to access your bank accounts.

Can a person be put in jail for not paying a judgment?

NO * No, owing a judgment is not a criminal offense. The judgment creditor can execute the judgment against debtor's property to recover monies owed. The preferred method of collecting on a judgment is wage garnishment or bank account levy (including joint accounts). Other options available to the judgment creditor are the seizure and liquidation of non exempt property belonging to the debtor, or liens against real property.

Does Tennessee allow credit card garnishment?

A person's wages can not be garnished unless a judgment is obtained in court against that person. People get sued all the time for credit card debt. Once the credit card company gets a judgment, then they can garnish wages.

Who is a garnishee?

If a person has a legal financial judgment against them they can have part of their wages taken by the court. Their wages are garnished and they are the garnishee.

In the State of Michigan can a joint checking account be garnished if only one person on the account has the judgment against them?


If the judgment is against one person and the account is in two names can they freeze the whole account?

yes this is absolutely true

Can a joint bank account be frozen in Missouri if one owner has a judgment against him?

yes a joint account in the bank cab be frozen if a person has a judgment against him. That account wth that number is frozen or the other partner will withdraw all the money.

Person dies and had a judgment against another person Is that judgment still in effect for the heirs?

Yes. If the judgment results in a monetary award the proceeds would be distributed according to the residuary clause in the will or as intestate property if there is no residuary clause or no will. You should make certain to keep the claim active until it is paid.

How could a person seek judgment against the government?

A person could seek a judgement against the government in the same fashion they would see judgement against anyone else. A file would be made against the government or government faction and be taken up in a court of law.