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The Ghost who Walks was never a real main character in either the DC ( which you have selected) or Marvel pantheons, he is an independent character and did prowl around in the newspaper strips. he was created by Lee Falk. the tight-fitting costume suggests Batman in an airman:s flight suit- and the purple color suggests the occult. It is difficult to follow the phantom- but he ran in Canadian comic strips as ( le Fantome) so he does get around. if he ever had a theme song it would be- I Aint Got No Body! ( not bad as a Pentecostal theme song with a dove flying around the church- hey, that"s sacrilegious!)


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In strength tigers. But in speed, agility, etc. jaguars

A tigers advantages are.... - There claws - There Teeth - There strength - There Power and there ablity to climb trees

It symbolizes strength and ability.

Tigers are good for stealth, strength, power, and speed. They are proud animals, and very loyal to their cubs.

Tigers, after tigers, lions. According to the strength compared to its size, Jaguar is the strongest cat, but tigers and lions have advantage of their large size.

Tigers have 4 strong and powerful legs, this is how they have the strength and stamina to cover miles of land in a couple of hours and hunt.

Their teeth and claws, as well as their strength and agility.

Tiger's represent Strength and sneakyness, Tigers can hide from various things. Tiger's are very strong and can over come anything.

In body strength, only lions and tigers are stronger. In jaw strength, they are as strong as the lion, and nearly as strong as the tiger.

Tigers are important in many cultures. In the Chinese culture they are admired for their strength and beauty. In the past they were also prized for their use in making medicines.

Tigers are not cars, their power or strength is not measured in horse power.

Tigers defend themselves by using their claws, teeth, and strength.

Lions and tigers were used as entertainment for the crowds in the Roman Coliseum. They were pitted against humans and other animals because of their strength and ferocity.

Tigers are predators of enormous strength, and would kill the gorilla, mainly because of the tiger's agility. Tigers are not found in Africa anyway.

A tiger uses its environment by playing with other tigers in the wild and stocking for food. Tigers are mostly important because of their strength and their ability to run very fast!!

Tigers are actually the biggest of the big cats. Lions are second largest. Tigers are stronger although they are less aggressive and prefer not to fight unless they are being threatened. Male lions and female tigers a about the same size. Lions do have thicker manes to protect their neck and body from injury, while tigers have more strength.

Tigers have superior stealth and strength, large canine teeth, large claws, and amazing speed. They are most probably nature's most perfect "killing machines"/hunters.

Tigers help the Earth by simply being apart of the food chain. They do play an important roll in the food chain along with the other 3 big cats. Also, tigers may please people with their beauty and/or strength, power and will.

Siberian tigers can defeat gorillas with its large size and strength of its powerful paws.

Tigers posses a much greater strength then most of their prey, claws that can shred any skin or hide, and a jaw that can crush bone. --------------- Prey has more of an advantage since tigers are relativley slow and heavy. the success ratio, when hunting a prey, is one out of twenty...

I believe it was tigers or jaguars pacing next to a pole and they said bread and butter when they were passing each other on either side of pole

yes, they are endangered cats because they are only meant for speed not for strength. That means that tigers, lions, and lepards can easily kill them.

tigers are above all cats fore size and strength however people mostly think lions are stronger but they are not !

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