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the pill has so many side effects listed that you should read the label for side effects

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Q: Can the pill make you get your period early?
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What if you get your period early on the pill?

If you get your period early on the pill, you should continue taking the pill as scheduled, regardless of any bleeding.

Can starting the pill before you get your period make your period late?

The pill can alter your menstruation cycle making your period late or early. Spotting is also a possibility.

If you took your friends birth control pill and had never taken one before can that make you have your period early?


Period started early do I stop taking the pill until after my period is over?

No, continue taking the pill as scheduled.

Why would you get your period two weeks early when you are taking the pill?

The pill you are taking might not be the correct pill for you, contact your physician.

If you get your period early could you be pregnant if even on the pill?

No some early or late periods are normal.

Can you have your period early while on the pill?

Yes. It mucks up your cycle

Can period come early after coming off pill?

Yup, mine did :/

What does it mean when you start your period early on the pill?

That you are not pregnant. If you are on a Mini Pill you should tell your doctor as you may be ovulating.

Are you pregnant if you get your period a day early on the pill?

If you get your period you are not pregnant. BCP are 99.5% effective when taken as directed.

If you have an early period should you still stop taking the pill for 7days?

No, you should continue taking the pill as scheduled regardless of bleeding or not bleeding. Contact your health care provider if the early period happens again.

Can antibiotics effect your period on the pill?

Since antibiotics can make the pill not work at all it can affect all of it, incl your period.

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