Can the police fine those who are travelling at only 1 mph over the limit?


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if you are travelling at anything over the speed limit you may be fined

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because police have rights to stop and fine the driver who is over speeding. Its a matter of safety for yourself and others, they can fine driver for this offence. Police can suspend your licence on the spot if you are driving more than 45 km over the limit

SHould say on the back of the ticket or call the local sheriffs office they can give you the fine amount. There are no dollars amount of fine on back of ticket. You will have to call the issue court to get the fine amount. Police can not put fine amount on ticket.

Police do not fine you. The court fines you based on the penalties laid out in the law.

So that we understand what happens around us, helps the police measure at which speed the speeding cars are travelling at to fine them, helps traffic cameras capture cars driving at a certain speed.

If you have a radar detector and you are travelling through Virginia, take it down. The police will confiscate the detector until whatever fine they write is paid. At one point they would even destrol the radar detector, but that has since become illegal due to lawsuits.

I think it depends on what state you live in. I don't know where you are from but in the state I live in, you'd be LUCKY to just get a ticket and a fine, because the police CAN and WILL take you to jail for driving that many mph over the posted limit.

What country? In Australia there is no police fine. There's a justice department fine. The main penalty would be if you were involved in an accident for which you were responsible. You have to pay the bill completely ontop of the fine from the justice department that will run into the thousands.

The police officer does not set the fine. The fine is based on state law. That is determined by your speed and where you were speeding. In a school zone, and construction zone, the fine is more.

While flying it in the dark is bad flag etiquette and protocol, the Flag Police won't be knocking on your door with a fine book, unless you live in a community where those particular rules are in force and you're violating them.

The police did not fine her, the Montgomery City court fined her $10 plus court costs of $4 for a total assessed of $14.

Yes you can. It will be fine up the the limit for the freezer.

In the state of Illinois, the fine for a speeding ticket will depend on your location and how fast you were over the limit. 35 miles per hour over the limit will result in a fine of $95. If it was in a school zone, the fine is $150. In a work zone it can be as high as $375.

Speeding will result in a fine, if the police catch you.

The fine will depend on the jurisdiction issuing the ticket. In most places, 23mph over the speed limit is considered reckless driving and could result in very high penalities.

what is the fine for illegal slot limit fish in smith mountain lake va.

If you cause death by speeding - up to 14 years in prison, unlimited fine, disqualification for at least 2 years, 3-11 penalty points.If you endanger life by speeding - up to 2 years in prison, unlimited fine, disqualification, 3-11 penalty points.If you are driving carelessly or inconsiderately - unlimited fine, possible disqualification, 3-9 penalty points.Plain old speeding - up to £1000 fine (£2,500 on a motorway), possible disqualification, 3-6 penalty points.As a general rule, you will only be prosecuted for speeding if you were caught travelling more than 10% + 2 of the speed limit and you will only be summonsed to court if you were travelling more than 26 mph above the limit (for speed limits 40+), 15 above a 20 or 20 above a 30.If you were travelling 10% + 2 above the limit, not going fast enough to be summonsed to court you will receive a fixed penalty notice of £100 and 3 points - if it is your first speeding offence, you may be offered a drivers awareness course that you must fund and attend, this will be in lieu of a fine and points.And points or motor offences will drastically increase your insurance costs.

$149 for 8MPH over the limit apparently.

Obey the posted speed limit. D'oh!

In the UK you would not be fined for 1-5 mph over the speed limit, as a general rule, (and this is guidence given to Police Officers, not the law) anything under 10% of the limit plus 3 is an offence to be dealt with by way of a caution not a fine. So if the limit is 30mph, 10% plus 3 means 31 - 36mph is cautionable, 37mph and above is ticketable.

Usually the court provides a bail or fine schedule to the police department.

Yes, fine can be used as an adjective. Examples: a fine writer, fine hair. Fine can also be used as verb and a noun. Verb: The police officer fined the driver for speeding. Noun: Please pay the fine on time.

It varies depending on how much you are caught with......a few over the limit then most likely a small fine, a lot over the limit you can loose your car and expect either a very large fine or jail time.

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