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It depends upon the situation, if the parents file a missing persons or runaway report, the police will begin looking for the minor. This is done due to the AMBER Alert law, and other laws that have been enacted in the past few years. Authorities have no way of knowing if the minor left of their own free will or has been taken forcibly. In cases where a minor has left on their own and the parents know where he or she is, they can petition the court for a requisition order to have the minor returned to their custody. This does not apply if a minor leaves the custodial parent's home to live with the non-custodial parent; in such a situation the non-custodial must notify the other parent and/or authorities that the minor child is with them.

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Q: Can the police in Illinois make a 17-year-old come home?
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Can a police officer force a runaway in Illinois to return home to the state they are from?

Maybe not a police officer but the Childrens Services may.

Can police force 17 year old run away to go home in Illinois?

Yes, they can return them to their home. If they do not wish to go home, they can be put into the foster care system.

In new Zealand if you are 16 and were to run away from home what could the police do about it Could they force you to come home?

Yes, In New Zealand if you 16 and you run away from home, the police will force you home because you are a minor.

Can you legally stop a fifteen year old boy from running away from home in Illinois.?

If you cannot control the child, contact the police.

What happens if you run away?

you get in deep trouble and police come after you and put you in a home

Can police come into your home uninvited without a warrant?

No they cannot come into your house with out a warrant unless the have probable cause.

Can a female at 17 in the state of Illinois leave home without being forced back home?

In Chicago, if you leave home at age 17, the Police will not look for you because you are so close to being 18.

What happens when the child doesnt want to return home?

If you have custody the child has no choice. The police have the right to come and get them and return them home.

If you are a convicted felon and someone tells the police you have a gun in your house can the police come to your home and ask to search it?

If they ask your permission and you grant it, absolutely.

Who has more law enforcement authority in Illinois Chicago police or Illinois state police?

They both have the same authority the difference is that state law enforcement have no jurisdiction in the home state and local police well only in there city or county back to your question state police have more power but state police try not to interfere with local law enforcement They have the same authority, but CPD's jurisdiction ends at the city limits. ISP has statewide jurisdiction.

Can the police make a 17 year old come home at 10 00pm if the parent call the police?

The laws are different in every state but most likely yes if you are 17 your parents can call the police to return you home, You are not an adult until you are 18.

If you are sixteen and you leave home and move in with your sister can the police force you to go home?

Well, it all depends, at 16 until you're 18, everything is parental consent. You can live with your sister, but if your parents want you home, you have to come home, if you refuse, the police can force you back home. -Katelyn

What happens if police try to serve a warrant but the person is not home?

they come back until they catch them

If the police broke into a person and home illegally to look for evidence that could be .?

To come into a home the police need a search warrant to search. Without the warrant the evidence is not admissible in court. It would be an illegal search.

Do police officers need a warrant or probable cause to search a mobile home?

Yes. Unless you invite them in, they have no right to come into your home regardless of what it is.

How do you report the death of your husband?

If he has died at home, then you would call the police so that the coroner can come and pronounce him.

Can police enter a home if a juvinille is home and not the parents?

Yes, consisting that they have reasonable evidence to enter the home under the appropriate legislation, they can enter the home. Once it is evident that parents or carers over 18 aren't home the police will attempt to make contact with them, or arrange to meet, or come round another time. If the police are after the juvenile themselves, depending on their age they may take the person to a police station and arrange for parents to meet at the station.

If I am a 18 year old living in Omaha Nebraska and i move out with my fiance and my parents report me as a runaway will the Police force me to go back Or what will happen?

since you are 18 and going to live with a fiance, then i dobt the police will make you come back home with your parents. since you are 18 and going to live with a fiance, then i dobt the police will make you come back home with your parents.

You lived on the land of Illinois before the Iroquois did come Saplings covered the tree bark near a river was your home Who am I?

Abraham Lincoln

Home alone age in Illinois?

Children in the state of Illinois can not be left home alone until the age of 14. When a child is left at home without an adult caretaker in Illinois, the parents or guardian can be charged with child endangerment.

Can a minor consent to police search of the family home?

Older children at the home when police arrive to search . the child can give the police .

Location of Lincolns home?

Lincoln's home is in Springfield, Illinois.

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I think they can walk the premises but i don't think they can enter your home without a warrant.

What to do if your step dad wont come home and your mom is telling him to get in the car but he wont and then the police comes?

This is going to be on failblog I promise you

How soon do the police come for you after a warrant is issued?

In cincinnati ohio a warrant was issued on feb 21st 2012 its now may 2nd how long til come to my home