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sure anything can happen. just shorten the housing, weld new spring purches on, cut and respline and respace the bolt pattern on the axles. or just be logical and use a limited slip 7 5/8 out of a 93 and up s-10 No, it will not bolt in and would not be the correct width either. If you are looking for a heavy duty rear end for the S-10 you may want to try the 8.8 out of a Ford Explorer, it will bolt in and require minor modificaton of the shock mounts and u-joint, it is a little wider (1"-2") overall but any interferance with the wheel wells can be corrected with aftermarket wheels.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-20 10:12:59
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Q: Can the rear end for an 80's model Chevy fullsize be put on a 1992 S-10?
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