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No. The red numbers on the back of a social security card are control numbers that verify the authenticity of the card. They serve no other purpose.


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No you can not. That would be considered identity theft.

I do personally think that social security numbers are needed to prevent identity theft. Although there are many instances of identity theft, the instances would be greater without social security numbers to help identify citizens with.

In order to stop identity theft, people should never carry their social security card.

Yes, Identity Theft includes taking or using someone's Social Security Number. Identify Theft that includes theft of services or goods is illegal. Both Identity Theft and Theft of services or goods are criminal acts for which a person can be fined, face jail time, and be required to pay restitution.

Yes, undocumented workers sometimes fraudulently acquire counterfeit or real Social Security cards (identity theft). We can't tell you how because there is no legal way for an illegal alien to obtain a Social Security number.

Some simple ways to prevent identity theft include making sure you don't give out important information. Be very careful who you give your social security number to.

Asking for Social Security number before you get hire is not illegal, but yes it may be be a bad practice. There might be possibility of identity theft, as these days it often happening.

Yes you can get you name changed by going to the court house and showing that you want to change you name. The only way you can change your social security number is if there has been identity theft but you can change your name on a social security card without change the number at any time

Whenever you apply for a loan you usually only need your social security number. Anytime you do something where the other party must provide a social security number, the company will get it directly from them. The reasoning for this is that it is unsafe to let many people know your social security number, especially with identity theft on the rise.

Identity theft is when someone steals personal information from a person-such as social security number of passport-in an attempt to access and steal money or other items. Data theft is the taking of data from a personal or business device such as a hard drive.

Identity TheftTaking over and using someone else's private and personal information and identification (i.e.: pretending that you are them). Topics of Identity TheftDrivers LicenseSocial Security NumbersMedical InformationCharacter/ Criminal ActionsFinancial Transactions

Identity theft has become more and more common in the information age. Making sure that you don't give any of your information such as your social security number online or on the phone, or by shredding important documents are one of the best options.

One can find information on identity theft from the following sources: Consumer FTC Information, Social Security, Bank of America, Department of Justice, How Stuff Works.

No, this is another internet myth. There are various false stories that claim he has (pick one) the social security number of a dead man, the social security number of someone from Africa, or no social security number at all. None of these stories are true. Since he was born in America and is a citizen, he has always had an American social security number; but it is private -- as are the social security numbers of most people, in order to avoid identity theft. I enclose a link that debunks one of the many myths about his social security number.

The standard version of LifeLock does protect your social security number as it is a service that guards you against identity theft. It also monitors credit card purchases and credit applications that are made in your name.

Get StartedFederal and state legislation is moving increasingly in the direction of prohibiting the use of key personal identification information (e.g., your social security number) as your account number. Without waiting on such legislation, you should be proactive in limiting the use of your social security number to those situations where it is essential. For example, if a company uses your social security number as your account number, your are at a higher risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

You are given a social security number the day you are born. You do not choose it. It is automatically yours to own forever. Every individual has their very own social security number that they own until they die. This is why it is important to take care of your social security card. If it is stolen, the person who has it can steal your identity and use it anyway they want, If you lose your social security card, notify the social security office as soon as possible. That person who stole it now ha become you, with regards to finances and you will be responsible for theft if you do not report it immediately to the banks and stores and everyone else you do business with.

A person cannot legally have two Social Security numbers. On occasion, the Social Security Administration may cancel an old number and transfer a person's records to a new number if the person's life or safety is in jeopardy, or in certain cases of identity theft. Only the new number will be valid.Beware companies offering to repair your credit by providing you with a new number. This is fraudulent.

my social security card got stolen. I need to report it just in case some tries to use .

Some ways to protect yourself against fraud identity theft is to never carry your social security card in your wallet, alway shreddocuments that have any of your personal information on it and never give out your personal information to a solicitor. Be sure to regularly check your credit reports. Knowing your social security number so if your wallet or purse gets stolen no one has access to it. Shredding your personal information, being wary of scams on the internet, even purchasing identity theft coverage.

Not only could you not be eligible for benefits, you'd be lucky if they didn't arrest you, as it is a crime to have illegal Social Security cards (it's called "Identity Theft")

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