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The driveway is the preferred location for taking repos.

They can take it from anywhere that it can be recovered without breach of peace.

A "FRIEND" would bring the car TO the repoman.

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Q: Can the repo man go on a friend's property to take a car that is in their driveway?
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Can the repo company take my car from my neighbor's driveway?

one word: YES

Can a repo take my car out of my garage?

No, repo persons can not enter your residence without permission and an attached garage is your property.

Can a court official park in your driveway?

I would think not, if your driveway is private property. Take pictures of the car and complain to the police.

Can they break into your home to repo a car?

No a repo person can not break into your home to repo your car. Repossession persons can not damage or destroy any property in attempts to take possession of a vehicle.

Can a repo man take your car from a locked fence?

Yes, a repo man can take your car in any circumstances. He just needs to find a means to enter the property.

Can a car be repossed from neighbers driveway?

YES. The repo company can take the car from anywhere they want with the exception of a boot on the vehicle and/or the vehicle is in a locked property such as behind a locked fence surrounding the property or locked inside of a garage. If you do not let the person onto your property with a locked fence surrounding this is a voilation of the law and ofcourse YOU can have them arrested on the spot.

Can a repo man cut a lock to get on private property to take a vehicle?

In most states no. That is a breach of the peace and that is illegal.

Can your car be taken from anywhere for example your driveway in your backyard with the gate closed. Also can a repo man drive the car over your neighbors lawn to take it?

If he already has it, there isn't much you can do about it.

If your car is in the driveway with a Club on the steering wheel or other source of intentional imobility can a repo man still take the car?

YES.Clubs are designed to prevent THEFT. Repossessions are NOT theft.

Can a repo man take property other than that used for collateral?

No. If they do, that would be considered theft and that is obviously against the law.

Can a repo man proceed with repo after being ordered off property if he does not have a court order?

They can if they have an order for repossession. You can ask to see the order, and if they do NOT have the order, then they can not take the car. The repossession would become invalid without the order to take the car.

What is the procedure for repossessing property from deal gone bad?

You must have documents stating that you own the property. and then you can feel out a repossession form or hire someone to repo the property. You can only do this if you have documents stating that the property is yours and that you are a lien holder. If you don't have this you will have to take it to small claims court and prove that the defendant owes you money on the said property. after that you will be able to get a lien put against the said property and be able to repo it.

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