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Q: Can the respondent of a tempory restraining order call the children before the case is heard by a judge?
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Should a respondent meet with an applicant before the court case?

Ask your attorney before you do anything.

Is a restraining order in effect if it is not served?

Does the restraining order have to be served before it becomes effective? It was always my understanding that once signed by the judge, it is effective.

How long before you get a divorce as the respondent in Jamaica?

If you going through a divorce you have a lot of things in your mind including how long it will take to respond to the petition. In Jamaica you may have to wait up to 12 months to get a divorce as the respondent.

How do you get your spouse out of the house If he is not on the deed or loan. The house was bought before marriage?

Get a restraining order.

How do you end a restraining order?

Most restraining orders are set to automatically expire after a specific time period. (ex: 30 days, 90 days, one year, etc.) If you want the Court to terminate a restraining order BEFORE that specified date, you must Petition the Court that granted it for an Order to Terminate. The Clerk of whatever Court issued the Restraining Order can help you with the required paperwork if you don't have an attorney. Remember though, once a Court issues a Restraining Order, it is rather reluctant to terminate it before the date contained within the order. Courts don't like to waste judicial time with people changing their minds.

How can you get a restraining order against someone who is harassing you by airplane?

Appear before a Justice of the Peace and file a information.

Can you get a email restraining order?

No. You must appear in person before the court or be represented by an attorney who represents your interests.

What would happen if a person broke a restraining order?

What state are you living in. Penalties for violating a restraining order are set forth according to state statute. At the very least you will probably be arrested and brought before the judge who issued the order.

Can one parent move to another state with the children before custody has been established?

Yes but the other parent can file an emergency restraining order or injunction to stop the move while they establish their parental rights in court.Yes but the other parent can file an emergency restraining order or injunction to stop the move while they establish their parental rights in court.Yes but the other parent can file an emergency restraining order or injunction to stop the move while they establish their parental rights in court.Yes but the other parent can file an emergency restraining order or injunction to stop the move while they establish their parental rights in court.

What is the restraining line in lacrosse?

the line were the attack and defence cannot cross before the referee calls possession. the line is in front of the crease and before the center Field line.

Can the parents of a 16 year old girl place a restraining order on a 17 year old boy without the girls consent?

Sure.. Restraining orders aren't s about consent, but you do need to have a reasonable case, because most often you go before a judge and present your case and the judge determines whether or not you have a good enough reason for a restraining order.

What does it mean when a boy thinks your obbessed with him?

It means your a nut job that needs to back off before he files that restraining order

Can you file a restraining order against your husband if he threatens your life and wont leave your home?

Yes, you can. But any reconciliation will have to go through a mediator/lawyer before having him return. There are severe consequences if he (or you) break the terms of the restraining order. Be certain when making your decision.

How do you get a restraining order in philadelphia?

I need to get a restraining order before my live in roommate kills me.he has been very abusive to me and the police dont even come anymore.i also just lost my job so i dont have any can i do this process for free.

Can you go before judge and ask for restraining order on person who ordered it on you?

For what reason? Retaliation? The person who was granted a restraining order against you, is governed by the same provisions as you are. NEITHER YOU, NOR THE OTHER PARTY can break the order's stipulations without being subject to court action.

Formulating testable hypotheses before conducting research is most directly useful for restraining a thinking error known as?

the hindsight bias

What states were called before they became states?

hi i have no idea what it is but i need it to complete a crossword puzzle NEW RESPONDENT They were called territories.

Is staring harassment?

yes staring is harrasment if unwanted if you feel uncofortable with someone staring at you tell someone get a restraining order before that person begans to stalk you

Can a restraining order be lifted?

Depending on the state and country you live in, the laws vary. However, a restraining order CAN be lifted by the person who asked the judge to issue it by scheduling a hearing with the court, and explaining why the order of protection should be lifted. This is a general answer, but there are a lot of various situations such as when they are children involved that make the entire legal situation murkier. There are great attorneys who do wonderful "PRO BONO" (free) work for Domestic Violence organizations, I suggest you hook up with one of them before you remove any order of protection.

Did Eve eat the apple before or after having children?

before having children.

Does the reason of a restraining order show on a back ground check?

A restraining order is a civil court action and does not appear on your criminal history record - UNLESS - you were arrested for domestic violence BEFORE the order was issued - OR - were arrested as a result of violating the order. In those cases it WILL show up.

Who was the Union General before Ulysses S. Grant? and I know it! Why do you care?!?! (New respondent) Henry W. Halleck.

Can you get a restraining order on you for dating a 16 year old?

Well, sort of. who ever this person is, only they can get a restraining order on you. But then again, consider this before you risk that. Are you older than this person? and if so by how much? Does this person seem to find you annoying, creepy, or stalker-y? Does she ever seem scared frightened or utterly repulsed?(by You?)

Does the other party need to know you filed for a restraining order?

The notice to the other party before obtaining a restraining order from the court of law is not only a need of a party but a legal right of the other party to know and to confront the allegations and contention raised by the first party for obtaining a restraining order again him from the court of law. This right is provided to the everyone for fair trial through the constitution of the State as well as due process of law and natural justice.

Did leontyne price have children?

no she divorced before she could have children