Car Shaking Problems

Can the rim or tire cause the car to shake or vibrate?


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Yes, either can cause a shake while driving.

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Can be a bent wheel, tire out of balance, or worn suspension parts.

Out of balance or damaged tire(s). Damaged wheel(s). Engine misfire. These are the three most common culprits.

Tire out of balance, wheel bent, or there is a defect in the tire. A bad shock will also cause the tire to bounce.

The most common cause is tire out of balance or bent wheel.

yes a tire being bad can cause a car to shake but it can also be caused by other things

It could along with the tire and rim.

It would depend on the amount of tar stuck to the tire. A little wouldn't effect much but more will cause the tire to be off balance and cause the vehicle to shake or shimmy.

Normally this is caused by a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.

cause your intake valve is bent You probably have a bad tire or rim. I'd go with the tire or rim answer.

Not typically, but running a tire with low pressure can cause damage to the tire, making it dangerous to drive and causing the tire to become out of balance. A front end vibration (sometimes called a shimmy) is typically caused by an out of balance tire.

A tire not properly balanced. ------------------------------------ Are you car wheels all balanced properly? If not, an out of balance wheel can start to vibrate at certain speeds.

Most likely it has unbalanced or bad tire(s). Bent wheel rims also can be the cause.

Yes, some tires are not made properly and the rubber can separate causing the tire to be out of balance causing a vibration. This is somewhat rare but it does happen. Most tire vibrations are caused by uneven weight in the tire or wheel combination causing the tire to be out of balance.

Normally it is a tire out of balance. Can also be a bent wheel.

There is such thing as "Tire Hop" if you are accelerating real hard in a high performance vehicle. If not, need more detailed info. Describe year make model and how and when it does it.

If other things vibrate as well as the steering wheel you might have a damaged motor/transmission mount.

More than likely you have a tire out of balance. Have your tires rotated, inspected, and balanced.

There are all sorts of things that can cause a car to shake. Needing an alignment is just one. There could be a tire out of balance, a bad spot in a tire, even a tire that is low on air pressure. Check all of these before you spend the money on an alignment.

Yes. So could a broken belt in your tire, a tire out of balance, loose lug nuts, bad CV joint.

Becuse you put more waight on one side of tire; every gram counts; tire needs to be balace.

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, defect in tire, or suspension parts worn.

Look for a broken blade on the radiator cooling fan(s), if one is cracked, it will throw the whole fan off balance.

Out of balance tire or lump in the tire? Or i had a u joint so worn out my van started shaking until i let off the accelerator

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