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Sometimes. Depends on the make and model.

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Can a left hand safety on a Remington 760 be changed to right hand?

Yes, the safety for the Remington Model 760 can be converted to right hand. This is a bit of an elaborate conversion involving plugging the current safety detent/plunger spring hole and precisely drilling a new hole and should be done by a competant gunsmith.

Can Remington model 870 safety be converted from right hand to left hand? Left Hand Safety

What year Nigeria changed from right hand drive to left?


What year did Nigeria change from right hand driving to left hand driving?

Nigeria changed to left hand driving on April 2, 1972.

What can your right hand do that your left hand can't do and what can your left hand do that your right hand can't do?

Your right hand can touch your left elbow but your left hand can't and your left hand can touch your right elbow but your right hand can't.

You can write from right to left with your left hand While writing left to right with your right hand What does that mean?

you can wite from right to left with your left hand while writing left to right with your hand what does that mean

Is it possible to switch the safety on an Ithaca model 37 to be easier for left handed shooter to use?

While it is possible to change the safety configuration on the M37 to make it easier to use for the left-handed, it is not a matter of simply reversing the existing safety. The right-hand safety must be removed from the trigger group and replaced with a left-hand safety, which is available from the Ithaca factory. The cost for the left-hand safety in December 2007 was $12.50 (US$).

What makes your left hand your right?

A wedding ring The left hand is the 'right' hand to wear it

Why you see your left hand as right hand and right hand as left in the plane mirror?


What hand in badminton is better?

if you are right handed, your right hand, if you are left handed, your left hand

When the US changed from left to right hand steering?

Haven't changed yet. Ever since we stopped driving right down the middle, we've always driven on the right side of the road

Is a right handed compound bow where you hold it with your right hand or draw it with your right hand?

Right handed bow: hold in your left hand, draw with your right hand and use your right eye dominant. Left handed bow: hold in your right hand, draw with your left hand and use your left eye dominant.

What can't you hold in your right hand but can in your left?

Your right hand

What can you hold in your right hand but not in your left?

your left hand

What the left hand can do which the right hand can not do?

Write well with left hand.

What hand does Obama right with?

President Obama writes with his left hand or was it the right... I can't remember... He rights with his right hand he lefts with his left hand.

What is the difference between a right hand tub and a left hand tub?

A right-hand tub is a reference to the faucets being on the right hand side. The left-hand tub will have the faucet placement on the left-hand side.

Which hand makes you better at art?

Depends, if you are left handed, your left hand, if you are right haned, your right hand.

Was obama right hand or left hand?

Left handed

How do you hold a racquet in racquet games?

left or right hand on top and left or right hand on bottom (lefties put there right hand on top and righties put there left hand on top)

Does a waiter serve the plates from his left or the right?

Serves to left with left hand, takes away from right with right hand. Some serve soup to right since it is a liquid. You serve beverages to right with right hand.

What can you hold in your left hand but not in your right hand?

Your right elbow

Do you stir your tea with your right or your left hand?

right hand

Do dogs favor their left or right hand?

right hand

Does Justin Bieber right with his left or right hand?

Justin Bieber writes with his left hand.