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Sounds like you need to call a local attorney for state specific advice. You are into an area that will require a judgment/judge and that's NOT me. Good Luck

I just posted this question, here is the entire situation. I live in PA, paid the seller (a friend) the agreed upon amount of $2300.00 over the course of 6 months, the final payment coming in August 2004. All debts were satisfied; however, the seller kept putting off the title transfer after numerous requests by me. This week the vehicle was repossessed by the seller for no reason. I reported the vehicle stolen to the police and the police stated that since she still has the title she needs to make the report. I discovered that she indeed repo'ed the vehicle for what she states as failure to satisfy the agreed upon amount. I have proof that I paid her the entire amount and the fair market value for the vehicle is $2100.00, $200.00 less than what I paid the seller. Does having the title in the seller's name give the seller legal rights to take back the vehicle even after all agreed upon debts were satisfied?

If the title is in her name, the police are going to say it's her car until you get a lawyer and sue her. With documentation of the agreed price and payments made, you should have no trouble convincing a judge.

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