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The stomach is lined with a thick layer of mucus that prevents the active HCl from burning through the lining. This mucus can replace itself, and so yes the stomach lining can repair itself. However, repeated wearing out of the mucus [peptic ulcers] will result in a hole burning through the stomach lining.

In short, it can only repair itself a limited number of times before it stops.

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How is self-digestion of the stomach prevented?

The stomach lining regrows fast and is renewed constantly. The stomach lining is also coated with mucus to prevent its corrosion.Mucus secretion and active mitosis of epithelial cells

Color of lining of mucus in stomach?

The lining of the stomach is pink, when healthy.

How does the lining of the stomach compare with the lining of the small intestine?

The lining of the stomach has less surface area than the lining of the small intestine. The stomach lining has a mucus coating that protects it from acid while the lining of the small intestine is less coated.

How do the cells lining your stomach deal with the highly acidic environment?

Your stomach has a mucus lining that protects it from the acid. Cells located in your stomach produce this lining.

What organ produces a mucoid barrier to prevent self-digestion?

The stomach contains mucous neck cells that make mucous to coat the epithelial cells lining the stomach. Without the mucous, the acidity and pepsin in the stomach would break down the lining of the stomach and create ulcers.

Why is the stomach lining undamaged by hydrochloric acid?

why is the stomach lining undamaged by the hydrochloric acid

What is damaged section of stomach lining?

Damage to the stomach lining produces what is called an ulcer.

Why does HCI acid not effect the stomach lining?

it does actually effect the stomach lining, but DNA in your stomach lining cells learn to produce cells faster. The stomach lining keeps burning away cells, but cells keep being produced.

Why doesn't the chemical eat away stomach lining?

The chemical doesn't eat away the stomach lining because our stomach lining is surrounded by a thick layer of mucus that can resist the chemical in the stomach.

How long do stomach lining cells live?

Well, you actually have mucus lining your stomach, but that lining is replaced every couple of weeks.

What protects the inner lining of the stomach?

a lining of mucus

What is damage section of stomach lining?

The damage section of stomach lining is actually the entire stomach. The stomach is very acidic, however, is covered with a very thick layer of mucus for protection. If the mucus disappears the stomach lining will be damaged by the acids.

What protects the stomach from ulcers?

Usually there is a lining of mucous that protects the inner lining of the stomach from the gastric acid.

What is a lesion of the mucosal lining of the stomach or intestine?

A lesion of the mucosal lining of the stomach is called a gastric ulcer.

What would be the result of an absence of mucus on the lining of the stomach?

The mucus on the lining of the stomach protects the stomach from the acids that break down the food. Without this mucus the acids in the stomach would begin to eat away at the lining of the stomach causing stomach ulcers and many other problems.

What does a stomach lining look like?

The stomach lining is pink in color and has ridges. The ridges help to move the food from the stomach to the digestive tract.

Is an irritation of the stomach lining an ulcer?

ya,because when the digestive juice which is secreted by our stomach and no food is there to act on it,it touches the lining of our stomach and irritate it

The stomach lining is protected from the very strong acid of the stomach by what?

The stomach lining is protected from the very strong acid of the stomach by a coat of mucus. It is secreted by mucous membranes.

Is tripe the stomach lining of a cow?

Tripe is the rubbery lining of the stomach of cattle or other ruminants, used as food.

What is the stomach lining of a frog like?

The stomach lining of a frog is basically like the outside. It is tan in color and has veins in it.

Why is the stomach itself not digested?

The stomach has a special mucus lining that is resistant to stomach acid. If a tiny hole develops in this mucus lining, the result can be an ulcer.

What role do cells play preventing the stomach from digesting itself?

Epithelial cells lining the inside stomach secrete a substance which prevents the stomach acid harming the lining of the stomach.

What can go wrong with your stomach?

there can be to much acid in the stomach and that can detiriate the lining of your stomach!

Describe the lining of a pig stomach?

The lining of a pig stomach has multiple folds called rugae. These folds churn and mix the food with the digestive juices. They also allow the stomach to stretch without rupturing the lining.

What organ has a lining of mucus protecting it?

The stomach has a lining of protective mucus.