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Yes stomach lining can be thrown up when the stomach is empty thus it will be the only thing left for your body to rid itself of. It has happened to me a few times and it is quite painful sometimes, usually it is a cloudy yellowish-greenish.

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Somewhat, yes, if the acid/alkali ratio is not balanced. Most people would, if the stomach lining has started to deteriorate, the diagnosis would be a peptic ulcer. People who vomit a lot can get ulcers, or if it's about alcohol and drugs/ or cigarettes, ??gastritis can be the problem then. A rule of thumb to balance acid/alkali in the food is 20% acid or acid-forming foods and 80% alkaline or alkaline-forming foods. Much in the way of raw green vegetables, and cooked ones too, is often very healthy, it's very healthy to include some raw parsley or some parsley tea in the diet or food-plan, daily. Parsley is good for the stomach lining.

Don't crash diet, please, it adds up to a middle-aged overweight and out of shape body, and the legs get cellulite too, that way.

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The stomach is lined with a thick layer of mucus that prevents the active HCl from burning through the lining. This mucus can replace itself, and so yes the stomach lining can repair itself. However, repeated wearing out of the mucus [peptic ulcers] will result in a hole burning through the stomach lining.

In short, it can only repair itself a limited number of times before it stops.

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no, the acids in the stomach would burn your organs.

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Q: Can the stomach lining repair its self?
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What organ produces a mucoid barrier to prevent self-digestion?

The stomach contains mucous neck cells that make mucous to coat the epithelial cells lining the stomach. Without the mucous, the acidity and pepsin in the stomach would break down the lining of the stomach and create ulcers.

How does the lining of the stomach compare with the lining of the small intestine?

The lining of the stomach has less surface area than the lining of the small intestine. The stomach lining has a mucus coating that protects it from acid while the lining of the small intestine is less coated.

Why is the stomach lining undamaged by hydrochloric acid?

why is the stomach lining undamaged by the hydrochloric acid

What is damaged section of stomach lining?

The damage section of stomach lining is actually the entire stomach. The stomach is very acidic, however, is covered with a very thick layer of mucus for protection. If the mucus disappears the stomach lining will be damaged by the acids.

Why does HCI acid not effect the stomach lining?

it does actually effect the stomach lining, but DNA in your stomach lining cells learn to produce cells faster. The stomach lining keeps burning away cells, but cells keep being produced.

Why doesn't the chemical eat away stomach lining?

The chemical doesn't eat away the stomach lining because our stomach lining is surrounded by a thick layer of mucus that can resist the chemical in the stomach.

What protects the stomach from ulcers?

Usually there is a lining of mucous that protects the inner lining of the stomach from the gastric acid.