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its very hard to get to. if you look down the firewall on the left side. you have to remove the heat shield. i wound up dropping the exhaust and removing the exhaust manifold because its mounted under the water pump which is under the manifold.

The thermostat is located at the back of the engine under the exhaust manifold on passenger side. The radiator outlet pipe bolts are accessed from the top of the engine down between no 2 and 3 exhaust manifold runners.

On the 3.4 V-6 Chevy Malibu the thermostat is located at the rear of the engine. The exhaust cross over pipe that goes between the exhaust manifolds makes the thermostat housing hard to access. The easiest way to change this thermostat is to first remove the exhaust shield and exhaust cross over pipe, then the t-stat can easily be changed. After changing the thermostat, be sure to bleed the air from the system, look for bleeder screws and run heater until air blows warm.

With great difficulty. If you have nimble fingers and a good set of tools, you may be able to remove the two bolts that hold the thermostat housing without removing the exhaust pipe.

loosen the bottom bolt with a 13 mm swival head socket, do not remove the bolt all the way, take out the top one and the thermostat housing will slide out and then remove the thermostat.

Follow the Upper radiator hose on the driver side of the vehicle. It will connect to the Thermostat Housing attached to the motor. Unblot that housing from the block and your thermostat sits inside. You might have an issue with removing the housing do to the exhaust connecting pipe. Hopefully not :) This is on the 3100 series 3.1L

the thermosts on a 96 olds achieva is on the transmission side of the engine toward the middle and is hard to reach. it is best to use samll 1/4" tools to remove it and sometimes made easier by removing exhaust shrouds. other wise it's held in by two bolts and comes loose fairly easy. The thermostat on the 1996 2.3L and 2.4L (Quad 4)engines is located above the radiator outlet pipe in the water pump cover which can be reached from under the vehicle on the passenger side. Note: The bolts are accessible from the top of the engine between the no. 2 and 3 exhaust manifold runners. It may be necessary to remove the engine to transaxle support brace to facilitate removal of the radiator outlet pipe. On all other engines the thermostat is located in the coolant outlet housing on the cylinder head.

the O2 Sensor Should be on top of your exhaust manifold

don't remove the throttle body. just the exhaust pipe, the air inlet tube and the heat shield.

Remove the air inlet duct tube. Remove the heat shield from the exhaust and move it out of the way. Unbolt the crossover exhaust pipe bolts from the from the front exhaust pipes move it out of the way. Unbolt the thermostat housing pipe and remove the thermostat. Installation is reverse.

If it's an automatic you will have to remove the exhaust manifold because the thermostat is located on the backside of the engine on the driver's side under the exhaust manifold.

The exhaust manifold on a Chevy S10 truck is changed by removing the spark plugs, unbolting the manifold from the cylinder heads, and unbolting the collector. The manifold can then be removed from the vehicle and a new set put in its place.

2.3L quad 4 is located under the exhaust manifold passenger side. To replace you have to remove the exhaust manifold.

it is located next to the crossover pipe for the exhaust. you have to remove it to get to the thermostat housing.

The thermostat is located on the drivers side between the engine block and exhaust pipe that crosses over the transmission. Removal is a bear as you must remove the exhaust pipe to get to the bottom bolt of the thermostat housing. Good luck!

if you follow the lower rad hose, under the engine it connects to a metal pipe which goes up the back of the engine. the thermostat is located in that pipe where it joins to the water pump. I found yhe least frustrating way to change it is to remove the exhaust pipe and manifold, and you will be able to see the housing clearly.

Where is the leak coming from. Most likely you will need to replace the exhaust manifold gasket which will require removing the exhaust manifold.

The thermostat is located at the driver side of the engine, under the air intake piping. All the intake stuff must be removed to get to the housing which has two bolts holding it in place. The lower bolt, located under the exhaust pipe, is a Bear to get at! Replace with an OEM part, as SOME of the generic parts won't allow you to get the housing back on without removing the exhaust.

The Achieva has only one O2 sensor. It is located in the exhaust system very close to the engine. Look between the back of the engine and the firewall, while the engine is cold. Starting at the exhaust manifold, move toward the catalytic converter until you see a plug sticking out of the exhaust pipe with a cable or wiring coming out of it. That will be your O2 sensor. --mark

the thermostat on most mercury's is located just above the muffler. must remove exhaust pipe and muffler to reach thermostat. good luck.

have never changed a thermostat on mine. but when we put in the new motor we noticed it was located on the back side of the motor below the exhaust but above the oil pan. follow the 2in pipe that is bolted to the oil pan to the left side/back of the motor

You can start by removing the exhaust baffles. If that doesn't suit you, you can buy custom exhaust or slip ons.

On the lower intake by the crossover pipe for the exhaust

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