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Can the trustee's of the court or the ones who audit a chapter 7 find out about any of your bank accounts if you dont list them?


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September 12, 2011 2:07PM

Sure, many ways.

And, they are supposed to be on the lookout for hidden assets and mis-statements (what do you think their auditing?).

And, hiding assets is not taken lightly, could have bad ramifications on your case....and, as you've sworn to the court that you've made a full and accurate disclosure, it could even result in a criminal charge.

But hey...don't worry about it...I mean your obviously much smarter than everyone else...your probably even the first to consider just not telling others that you owe money to, and lieing easily is enough to fool all those other dupes. Obviously everyone knows your word is good and wouldn't bother to question it....not like you ever made promises to get loans or credit from someone and swore in writing to pay others for things and then didn't. Your just an honest, upright, brilliant human being that's figured it all out.................

Tell me, hows that belief and course of actions working out for you? Bankruptcy means what again?