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Of course.

Atomic weapons are just another form of armament.

I am sure that those on foot in 2000 BC didn't think it fair that others had chariots. Probably those that had bronze and wooden swords felt steel swords should be outlawed in the middle ages.

Atomic weapons probably kept Western civilization alive during the 1940s and 1950s when the greatest threat to world culture, the Soviet empire, was expansionist.

Willing as they were to expend millions of lives in conventional war, the Soviets would have been practically unstopable by the casualty squeamish American forces (for evidence note the incredible hand wringing over 2,000 military dead in over two years of combat and occupation in Iraq, a veritable drop in the bucket considering what is at stake). Atomic bombs and the American edge in that weapon kept the Soviets at bay through the 1950s until the other western nations could recover from WWII in the 1960s.

Another viewpoint: I will assume that you are also concerned about the use of the bomb on Japan in 1945. My strong opinion is that the use of the bomb shortened the war and saved Japan from far worse destruction, not to mention almost certain occupation by Soviet forces (read how they treated eastern Germans for a hint on what would have happened in Japan). Thank Goodness the bomb was ready by August 1945 and not a year or so later.

answerthe fist time? yep

but the use of them again? hell no. that would start ww3. even with the it is our goal to deture there use, not incite it

no means of death will be ever justified and there will always be new technologies for this reasons.

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Q: Can the use of nuclear weapons ever be justified?
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How is the use of nuclear weapons a crime to humanity?

In justified cases of the use of nuclear power, such force is NOT a crime to humanity.

What countries used nuclear weapons in World War 2?

The only country to ever use nuclear weapons in war is the United States with the two bombs they dropped on Japan. No other country has ever actually used a nuclear weapon.

Why doesn't the US use nuclear weapons?

Although US agreed several arms agreements banning use of nuclear weapons, USA DOES use nuclear weapons and in fact, US is the ONLY nation to have used nuclear weapons in war.

Did they use nuclear weapons in the holocaust?

No, Nazi Germany had no nuclear weapons.

Why do you have nuclear weapons?

Some of the countries have nuclear weapons because they use them as a defense mechanism. The nuclear weapons are intended to be used whenever there is a war.

Did the US use non nuclear weapons against japan?

the u.s. used non nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons against japan

Did you use nuclear weapons on Afghan?

No nuclear weapons have been used in Afghanistan to date.

What is combat use of nuclear weapon?

Use of nuclear weapons in wartime.

How was the use of nuclear weapons involved in Korean war?

No nuclear weapons were used in the Korean War.....

What concern has the us over Russia's nuclear weapons?

Russians do not know how to use nuclear weapons

Uranium was use in the development of the?

Nuclear energy Nuclear weapons

Why do we use nuclear weapons in war?

Nuclear weapons is a rare sight, and used to protect soldiers in war.

What is mean atomic war?

This is a war fought using Atomic weapons. Atomic weapons are weapons that use Nuclear fission explostion producing tremendous pressure and radiation. Later nuclear weapons were called hydrogen bombs that use nuclear fussion.

What type of nuclear weapons did the US use in the Vietnam War?

The U.S used no nuclear weapons whatsoever on Vietnam.

Would the US ever use nuclear weapons?

If provoked again due to a pre-emptive attack on our homeland, the USA would inot hesitate to use nuclear warheads on another country.

What the definition of nuclear war?

War in which the combatants use nuclear weapons.

What is the use of nuclear testing in New Mexico?

to test nuclear weapons

Is fission possible on earth?

Yes. Nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons use nuclear fission.

Did Vietnam use nuclear weapons?

No it didn't.

What was a major fear that people in postwar America had about the use of nuclear weapons?

The Hydrogen bomb was a major fear that people in postwar America had about the use of nuclear weapons.

Do you think That Muslims should use nuclear bombs?

I believe no one should use nuclear weapons.

Who was first president to authorize use of nuclear weapons?

Truman was the only president to authorize nuclear weapons usage. It ended WW2.

How are nuclear weapons used by the public?

if one of the public make nuclear weapons of course they can use but it can then become illegal if they harm someone

Can nuclear war be justified?

jarrad I think nuclear war cannot be justified because they could just use it as a threat and not really set it up. I also think nuclear war cannot be justified because it can kill a whole nation and ruin the environment.

How did the use of nuclear weapons change the cause of world war 2?

The use of atomic weapons brought it to an end..........

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