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Im not a professional in anyway, but I have the same concern. My doctor told me that he has had patients that have taken steriods while pregnant, but he would prefer you DONT. He said it is possible that the steriods can mess with the growth of the baby. I'm 3 months pregnant and was taking prednisone for the first two months. Everything looks fine so far. The baby has only two arms and 10 fingers, it appears that there are no extra limbs or missing limbs. :O) I look forward to hearing from a doctor or someone who knows more info on this subject.

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Q: Can the use of steroids during pregnancy affect the fetus?
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Is steroids safe during pregnancy?

Are anabolic steroids safe for a woman to take during pregnancy? NO. NO. NO. It causes male features in the female fetus and female features in the male fetus.

Does a woman's stress level during pregnancy affect the fetus?


Can anticoagulants be used during pregnancy?

Anticoagulants may cause many serious problems if taken during pregnancy. Birth defects, severe bleeding in the fetus, and other problems that affect the physical or mental development of the fetus or newborn are possible.

What houses the fetus during pregnancy?

The Uterus

Houses the fetus during pregnancy?

the uterus

House the fetus during pregnancy?


What is the houses of the fetus during pregnancy?


Does shouting after the fetus in early pregnancy?

If you mean that shouting at the fetus or around the fetus or belly during the pregnancy can hurt it, the answer is no. And they can't hear until around week 20.

What is the organ that houses the fetus during pregnancy?


What protects a fetus during pregnancy?

a amniotic sac

Does the fallopian tubes house the fetus during pregnancy?

The uterus houses the fetus during pregnancy. The fallopian tubes are the site of fertilization, and carry the egg from the ovary to the uterus.

What is the purpose of the uterus during pregnancy?

The uterus houses the fetus during pregnancy so the baby can develop and grow.

What size is the foal during pregnancy?

The fetus is only about the size of beagle during pregnancy. The foal doubles in size during the last three months of pregnancy.

What is spoting?

spoting can mean a problem with the fetus during pregnancy

Where is the houses of the fetus during pregnancy?

The fetus is in the uterus where it gets nourishment from the placenta via the umbilical cord.

What organ in the female reproductive system the fetus grows and nourish it from?

The uterus houses the fetus during pregnancy.

Does kissing on lips affect pregnancy?

Not unless a illness is transmitted. Some illnesses can also affect the fetus.

Which different conditions does pelvic ultrasound indicate when used during pregnancy?

The size of the fetus, to detect multiple or ectopic pregnancy, to confirm the fetus is alive, to confirm the due date, reveal defects in fetus, to check the placenta, position of the fetus, growth of the fetus.

What is Time before birth during the development of the fetus?

The required time for the development of a fetus is called gestation or pregnancy.

Does the use of Clorox during pregnancy have and effect on a fetus?

what is the effect of clorox inhalation on the fetus , example 36 weeks.

Where does the fetus develop during pregnancy?

In the amniotic sac which is inside the uterus.

Is Alcohol consumption during pregnancy dangerous only during the first trimester?

Alcohol consumption anytime in a pregnancy is dangerous to the fetus

Can smoking marijuana once affect the fetus at 5 months of pregnancy?

Yes. i don't believe that it will affect your baby

Does shouting affect the fetus in early pregnancy?

No, and they can't hear until week 20.

How can chickenpox affect a fetus if the mother contracts it in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy?

If a woman contracts varicella (chickenpox ) during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, there is a 2% chance that her newborn will have varicella syndrome.