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Possibly, but u have to remove the timing belt to get to it. If you are going to replace the water pump u might as well change the timing belt also being that they are in the same area and the job is time consuming.

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Can a faucet repair be completed with basic household tools?

Absolutely! More times than not it's a simple leak that needs fixed and standard household tools easily will fix this. Even if the repair is more major than that, you can still fix it with basic household tools after purchasing the piece that needs replaced.

What are the basic tools of economics basic tools for economics analysis?


What are some of the geographers basic tools?

what are some of the geographers basic tools

What are the basic software tools for multimedia design?

multimedia software basic tools

What are some of the basic electrician tools?

There are a number of tools that are considered to be basic tools for an electrician. Some of the basic tools include lights, ladder, protective gear, wire testers, measuring tools, cutting tools, pliers, hammer, wrenches and screwdrivers.

What are the basic tools and instruments used in electronics?

the basic tools and instrument used in electricity

Where is the oxygen sensor and how do you replace on a 1999 Mazda Millenia?

Which one - 2.5L or 2.3L ? In the case of the 2.5L, there are four, only one which is easily visible. the rest are difficult at best to see much less get common tools in to DIY. Live Longer- Pay a shop to find the right one that needs replaced and let them do it.

What are the 10 basic tools of a scientist?

1o farm tools

How do you replace timing belt on 1996 Mazda 626?

with tools

What tools are needed for basic drywall repair?

This website will show you what tools you need for basic drywall repair: The tools you need are: tape, knife, blade, and clean pan.

What tools did Jacques Cartier use?

Basic tools like nails and hammers

What kind of tools did the Dakota Indians have?

Basic stone, wood and bone tools.

Does Stanley make good tools?

Stanley does make good basic tools.

How do you replace the tensioner on a 1998 Saturn SL2?

I had the tensioner and belt replaced on my 93 saturn. Before hiring someone I looked into it online. My advice is that unless you have the tools and basic skills for mechanics (the basics yes, the tools no) I would suggest you take it to a mechanic and since you are doing that you might aswell have the serpinine belt replaced and tightened too. Good luck

Six basic tools of nutrition?


What are the basic tools in food carving?

An axe

How often should I replace plumbing tools?

Plumbing tools should be replaced as needed,most quality tools carry a lifetime warranty.

What is the conclusion of a project about the different types of hand tools?

i want conclusion about basic tools

What is the difference between basic software tools and advanced software tools?

basic = for people who don't know much about the program or how it works advanced = for those that do...

Can you replace your bushing on your car?

There are many bushings in most vehicles. Some can be replaced easily and some require special tools and equipment. It all depends on what year, make, model and bushing you want to replace.

What tools do i need to do maintenance on your 1967 Chevelle?

basic SAE hand tools and wrenches and sockets.

What were the tools they used?

The tools they used depend on the era and the job being done. Basic tools include hammers, spears, and bows.

What are the uses of basic electrical tools and equipments?


What are the basic tools used in nutrition?

There are three basic tools used in the study of nutrition. These include the food groups, dietary stands, as well as the food exchange lists.

Basic tools in nutrition?

The basic tools in nutrition mainly revolve around diet and exercises. These will define the components of your diet and the relevant exercises that will keep you healthy and fit.