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Yes, it can. Severe weather conditions can have an adverse effect on your Satellite Television system. Here is how different weather conditions can affect a satellite television system:

  • Winter: This time of the year can be the worst environmental enemy of a satellite system. Very cold weather can slow down or even totally spoil the satellite motor. This will obviously mean no picture. Piling up of ice and snow can throw the dish out of alignment and can even warp the dish itself. The actuator arm could freeze up which would mean that it will not swing around and will be stuck in one position only. This will severely affect the picture and quality. You could minimize some of these problems by trying to keep snow from piling on to the dish. Do not scrape off ice but sweep it away if possible. Never under any circumstances should you use hot water or any water on the dish to melt the ice or snow.
  • Storms: Winds of high speeds can dis-align the satellite dish and disrupt your picture. Very bad storms such as a hurricane could even cause the dish to fall over. Lightning can also strike a satellite dish and cause it to malfunction. To avoid this you can use a surge protector that will protect your dish from power fluctuations. If you live in an area which has frequent storms or high velocity winds, then you should consider putting up a dish that will withstand such conditions.
  • The Sun: The sun, the earth, and the satellites over the equator, come into alignment two times annually. At these times, solar outages occur which can affect the satellite dish. But this condition lasts for only few minutes at a time, over two weeks and is a problem only in the daytime and not during night.
  • Rain: Rain does not have much of an effect on a satellite television system.
A satellite system is mostly outdoors and thus these weather conditions will have an effect on it. You can cover the system or build it in a shed to minimize problems.
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Q: Can the weather affect your satellite system?
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